May Cause Miracles

with Michelle Irene

 A 6 week course based on

NY Times Best Selling Author Gabrielle Bernstein's

40-day guidebook of subtle shifts for

radical change & unlimited happiness. 

Enrollment Begins again in 2021
May Cause Miracles with Michelle Irene 5

21, 2021

  • Is your happy tank empty?

  • Are you burned out?

  • Overtired, overworked?

  • Creating new goals but can't keep up?

  • Feeling undervalued or overwhelmed?

  • Just freaking ready for something new and exciting?

Then you are ready to create some MIRACLES!


We all face unique difficulties in our lives, but we all have one thing in common the ability to open our hearts, open our minds and live a life of abundance and happiness!


Simply changing our fearful thoughts to loving beliefs we begin to shift our energy to attract more of what we have been searching for. When you begin to live with a miracle mindset this allows for a natural flow of energy allowing you to glide through life smoothly.


When you begin to live life from love based thoughts with beautiful white light, this is when you create a miracle. 

This course will guide you as we travel through the six-weeks together as a group.

As a graduate of Spirit Junkie Level 1 and 2, author, speaker & Spiritual Empowerment Coach  I have personally been trained by Gabby to teach the principles of this guidebook. 


Miracles Course Members are invited to attend a LIVE ZOOM Kick-off on  Monday, Jan. 20th at 8:08 pm


Can't make that time, no worries this live kick off will be recorded for those who are unable to attend. You can watch it anytime at your convenience.



To participate in this course fully and to get the most out of the guidebook here is what you'll need:


  • ONLY 15-30 minutes a day 

  • The drive to set new goals for YOU

  • Ready to just kick it all up a notch!


ARE you ready to ROCK?

Make 2020 your Miracle Year

Enrollment is now Open!

  • Create subtle shifts in your day for joyful living

  • Get clear on your vision to manifest amazingness into your life

  • One day at a time, one step at a time to equal a lifetime of happiness

  • Allow your dreams to come true as we begin to glide through a new year 

  • 6-Week (online and LIVE) 

  • Work at your own pace with guidance from me. 

  • Guided Meditations from Me and Gabby!

Did I mention this  'MAY CAUSE MIRACLES?'

I'm so excited and honored to be able to bring this course to you


Optional: The purchase of the book 'May Cause Miracles'

is not mandatory but is a very helpful tool. Cost of book is

not included in course. 

Click the book to your right to purchase at my special rate.

This link will be provided again after you sign up

PS: This course along with the book make a great Christmas Gift!

After all it is the season for miracles. 


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