Michelle Irene : Divine Light Guidance through inner self healing work, angels & spirit, with your higher power

Hi, I'm Michelle!


It's 2021 and there is amazing energy swirling around the world. It's time for renewal as we relearn how to fly again. Embracing the love of the guidance of my angels as they share with me the powerful energetic field of light and how we can use this power for the greater good. Our highest good.

As a spiritual leader and intuitive counselor, I have been building my foundation supported by my higher power. Through many lessons of life, substantial training,  and channeled messages from spirit, I've been given the gracious gift of sharing this wisdom so that I can show you how to reveal your authentic way. You create miracles every day it is time to recognize their place in your life.

Together we can discover your passion, live your purpose, and rediscover living in bliss.


  "Life is meant to be loved.....not just lived "


Personal/Spiritual/Business Development Coaching- Readings


Book - Oracle Cards - Inspirational 

I have spent the last 7 years writing books, creating my own decks of oracle cards, teaching classes, and continuing my education so that I can not only better serve myself but best serve you. Are you ready to take that next step? 


Feeling like it is time for something different, amazing, and powerful?


As an Angelic Intuitive Channeler guiding you to your Souls Alignment and Attunement I will show you how to live an Intuitive Lifestyle and rebuild a stronger link to the divine light connection from within to the heaven's above. 


You are the light you are in search of.

You are the love that you are in search of. ​


As a teacher, writer, speaker, and go-getter I am dedicated to helping you create a different way. To live a happy lifestyle filled with infinite possibilities...

Follow the link below to see what best serves you in my lineup of events for the Month! From beginner to advance there's a little somethin' somethin' for everyone.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I am so happy you were guided to this page and found me. I'm super excited about your next step and what lies ahead for your future. 

 Jennifer Kupcho

 Spiritual Mindset Coach

"Michelle’s course on Angel/Oracle Card writing was amazing!
It was the perfect blend of spiritual/mindful practices, creative structures, and practical business tips. Her clarity and enthusiasm WERE exactly what I needed to get me from inspiration to inspired action. The result has been over 50 pre-orders of my very first co-created deck of angel cards. Thank you Michelle!"


 Small Business Owner

" The Rise to Shine Event was a day filled with inspiration, self-realization, connection, tears, and joy. Michelle continually strives to encourage others to live their best life and to be their authentic self. To be in Michelle's presence is always time well spent and is always a cherished experience!"  

Barb Pfeifer - Physical Therapist Assistant ll & Independent makeup Artist lll with Seint cosmetics

I'm so grateful to have had Michelle as my coach for my personal development and for my small business!! My side hustle has thrived with her guidance, her experience her knowledge, and passion for helping others has really helped me. To be confident, to step outside my comfort zone and excel! She is also the tech geek to my not so tech ability!

BD - Spiritual Enthusiast

So profound. Its happening. I've been working with Michelle for a year now and I am amazed. 

I created this life for myself.

Its not phase.....its my life.

I am having so many opportunities come up , I have to choose. Not just taking what comes up. I am

full of a abundance and gratitude.

My heart is so full Michelle!!!!

When I think about people I’m grateful for in my life this woman, my dear friend

Michelle Irene comes in at the top .

She began as my teacher, became my friend, now we learn from each other and she’s my biggest cheerleader.

Because of her I say 3 Thank You’s every morning when I get out of bed, one of those thank you’s is always for the people the universe has brought into my life. Thank you Michelle Irene

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