Oracle Cards for Intuitive Guidance

Tap into your Intuitive Abilities to begin to receive inspiring guidance and messages

Living an Intuitive Lifestyle is something you do daily already unconsciously. When you become more conscious of your ability...this is the game changer! 

With practice, you can begin to receive and understand reliable information.

Your intuition leads you to answers as the mind, body, and soul create a greater connection working in unison.

Using your cards for support, guidance, and inspiration is more than simply choosing a card a day.


Fully connecting with your Divine Light is a process.

It isn't a flip of a switch.

To fully trust the process and the information...


What is the beauty of using cards?

This is what I will reveal through the course...


My brand new deck 'Divine Light Connection' KIT-- 48 Oracle cards full of divine wisdom & insight so you can create a stronger connection to your light within. PLUS the Divine Light Connection Card Formation for greater clarity & understanding.  Includes 2 very special crystallized stones  and  "Magnify your Purpose' Essential OilSpritzer


EBOOK Learn How to Read Oracle Cards in a new way! Build a strong Divine Light Connection' as you tune into your intuition with confidence. Over ten amazing ways to use your cards for everyday inspiration and in-depth messages.


Supportive Private FB Group. Get to know others who have taken the course as we continue to support one another through our endeavors and creations. 


One exclusive Michelle Irene Mantra Band Designs specifically with you in mind.

We begin again 



Oracle Cards for 

Intuitive Guidance

  • Tune into areas of your life that need special attention?

  • Allow the guidance of your divine light to lead you towards healing your heart and soul?

When you create a strong light connection to spirit you open yourself up to divine guidance in every moment.

When you create this light connection you actually begin to feel lighter.

The heaviness of life's' experiences and situations begin to lift.

  • Decision Making becomes easier

  • Comfort and ease become a part of your daily life

  • Peace can be discovered on a regular basis

  • Clarity on what's next unfolds before your eyes

When you discover your Divine Light Connection

you can receive guidance, answers, and inspiration literally at your fingertips.

  • for you

  • for your friends

  • for your loved ones

  • for your clients

  • as a new profession


But you are not just anyone and this is not your ordinary card course.

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • Can you really create a correction with cards?

  • I'm not sure where to begin?

  • I already know how to use cards but I'm want to take it to the next step

  • I've thought about doing readings for other's but I'm afraid to be wrong and don't know how to start

  • I mean how real is this?

Allow the voice of love to come forward

  • For the opportunity to learn How to Read Oracle Cards in a new way!

  • Build a strong Divine Light Connection and tune into your intuition

  • Even if you never ever want to do a professional card reading for another this opportunity allows you to get professional readings for yourself every single day!

It is time for you to fully Develop Your Intuition as you advance your card reading abilities.

This goes beyond simply reading a card... It's so much more.

"Taking the Divine Light Connection Program with Michelle Irene was a great way to take working with my cards to the next level! Love the Monthly Messages and new card spreads that were introduced in the course. Michelle and other course participants were very encouraging as I took a personal journey through this course. I have taken other courses with Michelle and when I saw this offering I knew I had to sign up. The class and instructor did not disappoint! Looking forward to future offerings from Michelle!

MICHELE VINEYARD - Personal Development Coach at Essence Experience

"My favorite was learning the Divine Light card formation and meeting the new members" -Scott Nagle

We begin in July!

LIVE Zoom Meeting Call

July 16, 2020, at 7:00 PM

 July 21, 2020, at 7:00 PM

 July 23, 2020, at 7:00 PM

Before meeting you, I wouldn't see cards as a vehicle of light and love, like any other tool we implement in our lives to better ourselves. So yes, taboos were present. I love the format of the program, since it is a full immersion and you are practicing from the beginning. I was amazed at how deep you can come to know your self, situation if you really want to. The option is there, like anything else, choices are ours, thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Thanks for always bringing and sharing your light.

- Lorraine Stewart - Owner and Founder at Reiki, Sound Healing & Yoga

About Michelle

Through my years as an author, creator, and Lifestyle Transformation Coach, I have spent countless hours searching and searching for the best way to help others heal. To learn to allow love to come forward with the guidance of their intuition.  I realized that using oracle cards is a fun way to do just that! 

I use them in my classes, workshops, and events!


I use them online to inspire others plus when I need a bit of inspiration myself. They always seem to tell me just what it is I need to hear.

Like many other decks from all the guru's out there (which are great...I'm kind of a card hoarder haha) the deck you choose to work with is something so special because you are infusing your energy into it.

Allowing you to be connected fully to your pictures, your words, and your messages.

I  continue to build a spiritual practice for myself by helping others build theirs. Your life will change in magical ways.

Infinite Possibilities!

Join me.


You'll be enlightened.