Take your oracle skills to the next level!

You hear the calling, you feel the passion.

The challenge is to see past the doubt, step over the fear as you merge with your light stream, and rise to the calling of serving others.

You have the ability to go deeper with your messages and read for family and friends. You can even read for others and maybe earn some extra money. 

  • Begin to tap into spirits energy as you receive messages beyond the oracle through the oracle. 

  • Receive messages from loved ones crossed over

  • Receive messages from spirit guides and angels

  • Learn the proper protocol and lingo to giving profound professional readings.

  • Introduce the use of oracle into your coaching practice and give your clients divine guidance

The Oracle Chronicles


Masterclass Certification

This path of consciousness will guide you towards your soul's mission. Creation begins with your mindset. Combine that with your mind-heart connection to strengthen your abilities and share with others that truly become magical. 
Early Registration use code:masteroracle
for special introductory offer 


The 'Light Stream' Oracle Deck!  Open the door to recognizing your strengths through truth. Release limiting thoughts into the flowing energy of light. Allow the abundance that's already yours to travel your way.


This practice is to assist in the balance of your mind, body, & soul along with the current situation you are feeling in the moment. 

$39.99 Value


Digital Guidebook : The Oracle Chronicles. - Your bridge to answers. Learn to read Oracle Cards in a new way!  The in depth Divine Light Connection Reading as a tool for greater guidance and clients. PLUS The brand new Light Stream Foundation for recognition through reconnection with your higher self. 

$29.99 Value


Supportive Private FB Group. Get to know others who have taken the course as we continue to support one another through our endeavors and creations. 

Value: Priceless 


Certification for Divine Light Connection Messages as you guide others in reconnecting to their soul's mission filled with purpose. 

Elegant Older Woman

Thank you. My heart is full. What  a wonderful way to start the week and connect to Spirit! Thank you Michelle I. Stupski, since meeting you my sense of peace has gotten better, and I believe my son is still here...I see signs, and it is because of you! ~Karen 

Meditating at Home

Just talking to Michelle makes you realize she speaks volumes and I so can relate to what she teaches and says. Impressive words of wisdom and guidance from above. I truly believe. She told me that my gram was my angel, and this was after I had a psychic tell me the same thing. JOIN! Reach out to Michelle AND your angels - you'll be glad you did! ~Steve 

We begin 

May 3rd 7:00PM ET

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Hipster Woman

Attending these workshops with Michelle, helped me realize that what I believed all along was actually an actuality. I have had angels with me my entire life. Michelle makes the classes very free..no stress, very calming, allowing for meditations with great outcomes. She's a great teacher, great listener, gives great advice and I look forward to studying with her further. Through her I have learned that there are messages given to us each day. We have to be receptive.

~ Donna

Early Registration use code:masteroracle
for special introductory offer 

About Michelle

Through my years as an author, creator, and Lifestyle Transformation Coach, I have spent countless hours searching and searching for the best way to help others heal. To learn to allow love to come forward with the guidance of their intuition. 


I realized that using oracle cards is a fun way to do just that! By bringing more fun into my life my light began to shine brighter and I felt better. Fun brought the joy back to me being me. 

I use them in my classes, workshops, and events!


I use them online to inspire others plus when I need a bit of inspiration myself. They always seem to tell me just what it is I need to hear.

Like many other decks from all the guru's out there (which are great...I'm kind of a card hoarder haha) the deck you choose to work with is something so special because you are infusing your energy into it.

Allowing you to be connected fully to your pictures, your words, and your messages.

I  continue to build a spiritual practice for myself by helping others build theirs.

Your life will change in magical ways.

Infinite Possibilities!

I can't wait to activate your inner oracle with you.


You'll be enlightened.


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