Your Soul Light Message


Your soul's light leads the way if...
you allow the guidance to come through. 

Embrace the love that is intertwined within this light weaving in out creating a greater awareness for what is needed most. 

What is it saying?
Listen to the whisper. The answers you seek most will be shown when you decide to see.

See beyond the face value of the situation. Often times the need to step out so you can view from of space of objectivity will allow for the shift in perspective needed to see the true value of the lesson being shown. 

These lessons are integral parts of your life purpose as each purpose is being shown, received and released the next purpose will be revealed. Journal your thoughts and watch the puzzle pieces begin to slide together
creating a story like no other.

To have change you must create change. This change will come willingly with consistancy in your personal development. It is time to no longer dabble in your journal writing-meditation-reflection practice but to dive in fully to surrender to the possibilities that are awaiting your arrival. 

Continue to practice as it will not make perfection but will allow for new positive habits to form. Thus creating a clear path on your enlightenment journey. 

Roses represent the connection with your angels. The month of February is declared the month of love. Self love and this includes building a relationship with your angel team. How do you begin? Call them in.

  • Ask them to come to you