I wanted to share this beautiful piece written by a dear friend who attends my angel classes on a consistent basis. It has been an honor and a pleasure to watch her blossom into into her true being. To begin to see her self and her truths. Face her fears and shine her light. Cin D has an amazing sense of humor and typically installs that in her writing. Follow more of Cin D's writing at this link 'The World According to Cin D',

She is truly upifitng and inspirational! <3

Tonight I met a friend after she got out of work to catch up on the past few weeks.

Tonight I laughed harder and longer than I have in so long and it felt Exhilarating!

Tonight I went to Angel class and met with my spiritual family after too long of a break.

Tonight I faced the things that have made me who I am, and that have damaged my life.

Tonight I wrote down the things that have tormented my mind all these years, my story.

Tonight I came home and the tears poured down my face for all the years I’ve wasted.

Tonight I realized that time moves on , with me or without me, and it’s gone forever.

Tonight I went out on my porch to watch the fireflies sparkle magically in my yard.

Tonight I looked to God and saw beautiful stars sparkling magically in the heavens.

Tonight I sent messages of Love and Devotion to those who guide me from beyond.

Tonight I thanked my Dad for teaching me to take care of myself, ’cause no-one else will.

Tonight I looked into my future and prayed for guidance that I may find hope, past


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My joy in life is to make other people laugh...or at the very least roll your eyes and shake your head. Nobody thinks I'm funnier than I do and I can prove it!

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