Boomerang Effect

When you send true intentions of love into the world the love will boomerang back to you tenfold.

This is the universal law of attraction and vibration. When you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation before you react....pause and ask yourself what is the root cause of what I am feeling? Where does this stem from? Am I really upset at this other person or upset with myself? Change your angry, sad, stressed thought into one filled with love for all involved. The more you begin to work from a love base you'll leap into a life of happiness and joy!

Make a vow today to begin to see things differently. Look at the world through a new lens. Look at your spouse, child, friend, coworker, stranger in a loving way, see them with the love that they have for you, for others and for themselves. See it as a gift whatever level of love it may be See them as a person with similar struggles as you. No jealousy, judgment or competitiveness. See their value and worth. Then secretly in your mind send them love. Your energetic intention will be felt allowing you to see the beauty of shining your light from within.

If you find yourself struggling just remember the beauty of a new minute, a new hour , a new day is just that. It's NEW. Embrace the opportunity for newness. To start over, be better, be kinder. If your mind is so set in the past how can you focus on what is truly important? The present moment. Love the moment you are in. You can not change what was but you can control what is. Shine your light because it is as bright as a light house for all to see.

This is your moment! Don't wait another day to look into the depths of what YOUR power holds for YOUR future! Imagine your life with infinite possibilities!!

Modify the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life!

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