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NEW YEAR Angelic Insight

Updated: Jan 2


Hello Divine Soul,


As the New Year dawns, the Angelic Light Council extends a radiant message of transition and rebirth. Embodying divine wisdom, this luminous counsel imparts a call to embrace your most authentic self.


They urge you to travel into the depths of your soul identity, encouraging a journey toward genuine self-realization.


In this renewal period, the council emphasizes the importance of being true to your innermost essence. It's a time to shed past limitations and emerge anew, carrying forward only that which resonates with your deepest truths.


This transformative passage is not just a change, but a reawakening to the core of your being. It's about aligning with your soul's purpose, allowing your authentic self to shine brightly.


In doing so, you become a light of authenticity, inspiring others on their paths.


As you explore more into the essence of your existence on Earth, it's vital to remember the profound purpose you carry within. This journey is not just about the destination, but also the myriad purposes you fulfill along the way, each a stepping stone to your ultimate self-realization.


The concept of service is a cornerstone in this journey. When you serve others, you are, in a sense, serving your higher self. It's a beautiful cycle of giving and receiving, where each act of kindness and support reverberates back into your own life, enriching it.


This service is not just a duty but a pathway to deeper understanding and connection with the world.


Each experience, no matter how insignificant it may seem, holds a purpose. By acknowledging and accepting the lessons each moment offers, you can move forward with grace.


This acceptance isn't about resignation; it's about understanding the transient nature of life's challenges and joys, recognizing their role in your growth.


Letting go of what no longer serves you is as crucial as embracing new lessons. This release isn't a loss but a liberation, making room for new opportunities and insights. It's a process of continuous learning, where you shed outdated beliefs and behaviors to make way for more evolved versions of yourself.


As you align with each purpose, you create a momentum of light energy.

This energy is not just a metaphor but a real force that enhances your connection to the divine and all living beings. It's through this energy that your thoughts, words, and actions gain power and clarity.


Remember, your intentions, when grounded in authenticity, have the power to manifest greatness.

It's the alignment of your thoughts, words, and actions with your true self that unlocks the most profound clarity and wisdom.


By commanding these aspects of your being with purpose and intention, you become a conduit for divine light and a creator of positive change in the world.


This journey of remembering who you came to be is a continuous unfolding of your highest potential. Embrace it with an open heart and mind, and watch as your life transforms into a reflection of your truest, most authentic self. 


Wishing you a transformative and blissful year ahead,

The Council



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