Unlock the healing powers of light


I am truly excited for you and the journey you are about to embark on! 


Right now you can begin to tune into the healing power of spiritual light energy in this

FREE video presentation

My way of saying thank you.  


  • Are you prepared for this miraculous shift to take place?
  • Are you ready to allow more abundance to enter your life?
  • Are you willing to allow the energy of spirit to work with you so you can feel this euphoric bliss every day?​


Here's the thing I can't want it for you more than you wish it for yourself. You cannot create change if you don't do the work.

Habits are hard to change.

Old stories are difficult to release. 

This is already working for me. My life is filled with abundance, unconditional happiness, unconditional love for myself! 

That was a hard one but I mustered through it. I've done the work and will continue to do just that. I'm not going back to my old way of living. 

  • Depressed

  • Overweight

  • irritable

  • Unhappy

  • and honestly about ready to through in the towel on life. 

I took action. Now it's your turn. ​

A few small right steps in a new direction will create a major shift of action. Leading your to new opportunities. 

Come back to be authentically you.

To feel good as often as you can.

Even if for a moment you see the rise, the shift, the beauty.

You can see it again. You can breathe again. 

That's why I've created this meditation album 'back to me'.

Making the conscious mind shift is not always as easy as a thought. Sometimes you need a little help. A reminder. A little nudge in the right direction.


All included in the 'Essence of LIght' Collection get ready!

  • The Journal Value already included

  • The Video Presentation 'elevate your essence'

  • 'back to me' meditation album

  • BONUS Meditation Track 'Meet your Spirit Guides

  • Elevate Your Essence Mini-Course

When you combine the video presentation meditation of 'elevate your essence' with the audio directly following you are guaranteed to elevate your vibration and experience even more!


"It is through the eye of your soul that you can create from a place we cannot physically see as we begin to simply know this place truly exists."


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Essence of Light Connection Collection

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