Did you know that the original Tarot Cards used to be a regular playing card deck like you use now to play card games? Tarot Cards have gotten a bad rap through the years as being evil and associated with fortune telling-Not the case at all!  Entering into Europe in the 14th Century in Italy, the original game was called the Tarocchi game, the original Visconti-Sforza Tarocchi Deck is still available today.  Whether using tarot cards, oracle cards, inspirational cards or an ordinary deck of cards, you can learn to connect to a higher power to receive messages of your very own everyday!  There is nothing evil or scary about it.  You are working with the intentions of goodness and love and will receive back goodness and love.  Like attracts like and you only want to work with the highest of high angels and spirit. 

We all have the ability and I want to show you how using these cards has enhanced my life in so many ways to living purposeful and happier. Life is good. Start with this easy to read deck and join me on FB and my classes to begin a new journey of discovery, fun and love!

Never Alone Inspiration Cards by Michelle Irene


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