Actual physical copy . All the goodness printed, packaged and shipped to your doorstep!  A keepsake to have for years.


Allow the guidance of your divine light to lead you towards healing your heart and soul.
When you create a strong light connection to spirit you open yourself up to divine guidance in every way. Allow my Intuitive Abilities to begin to receive inspiring guidance and messages for you. As I create a digital rendering of your aura energy to see what spirit has to say soul to soul.  


You will receive a spiritually guided rendering of your energy aura  along with an in-depth reading of messages on a soul to soul energy level.


will ship in 7-10 Days

PRINTED Energy Reading with a Free Aura Rendering

  • Send me a photo through email or messenger.  


    Partial or entire body works best. 

    Headshots do not typically work. Please make sure the top of your head is included in the picture. I know that sounds funny but I need all of your enrgy in the photo for the best possible read.