How perfect a pen to match your blush journal for "Creating your Joy" filled world.

Get all three for one low price. 


blush is a line of inspirational products by Michelle Irene,

Author-Inspirational Speaker-Intuitive Life Coach

Michelle was guided to this beautiful blush rose only to discover the spiritual meaning behind it- A light pink rose is a sign of hope, caring, compassion and understanding. 

All of which Michelle infuses into her products and writing.


The color pink is insightful and intuitive giving peace, kindness, and tenderness. The pink color has a calming effect on our emotional energies which can relieve feelings of anger, stress, and anxiety while representing our inner child. 


As this fragrant flower blooms, the buds gradually open to reveal blossoms with lovely layers similar to how spiritual wisdom unfolds on your own personal journey.  

Roses represent miracles as well as a strong connection with angels, the basis for all of Michelle's work. 


"My intention for you is to find the peace and insight you are in search of filled with many miracles and so much love & light you blush with joy." ~ Michelle



Set of 3 Blush Pens by Michelle Irene




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