Retreat 2021 -- It's time to FLY

Release - Recharge - Rejuvenate.

Friday May 21st thru

 Sunday May 23rd 2021

Come together with like-minded people as we create an endearing bond through a weekend filled with

New Experiences



Ceremonial Celebrations  





Experience the frequency of a higher power to discover healing, understanding, peace, tranquility, and connection.


​What happens beyond the planned activities, the downtime, the time together is purely magical. 

Activities are subject to change due to weather and other circumstance. In-depth details to take place as information will be given once you are fully registered. 

Hi! I'm Michelle the host of FLY!

We have a weekend of fun and adventure waiting in the depth of our soul.

It's a girl's weekend of renewal and friendship!

We have so much in store for you but for now, let me introduce the people assisting in the action: 

As a lightworker (here's a secret, we are all lightworkers) when was the last time you took

the opportunity to be the receiver instead of the giver? 

It is time to receive as you release old energies to recharge your inner battery of strength and goodness. To rejuvenate your soul's light as you return back to love and serve others on a higher level of enlightenment. 

Come together with like minded people as we create an endearing bond through a weekend filled with new experiences, meditations, self reflection and ceremonial celebrations.  Connection. Support. Healing. Friendship. 

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Jennifer Kupcho

Special Guest Speaker

a Spiritual Mindset Coach and Teacher. She is certified as a healer of Shamanic Munay ki Rites. Jennifer supports women in recognizing and releasing old and limiting belief systems keeping them from living a life of abundance, love and happiness. She has created both two amazing oracle card decks filled with loving and empowering channeled messages.

Saraann Delafield,

A holistic health practitioner and owner of Red Feather Retreat.  I specialize in empowering people to heal. Trained in several different energy modalities, the truth is that I have developed my own brand of healing. Saraann will be sharing  an authentic smudge cleansing ceremony with Drum Circle and the Energy Painting Release Activity.

Lorraine Stewart

I'm Lorraine owner of Reiki, Sound Healing & Yoga! Our journey in this time and day might keep us from recognizing who we truly are. During the retreat, I will be sharing my Reiki skill set to help you release and rejuvenate back to your practice with a new perspective of clarity. Looking forward to working on the trails in the woods for an amazing grounding experience

Liz Pfister

I am an intuitive empath that offers reiki healings, card readings, meditations, and Crystal Singing Bowl meditations. I enjoy sharing the power that meditation, self-work, and self-healing bring into your life. Liz will be performing a healing sound bath in the cabin by the pond.

Dawn Belknap

I am an artisan jeweler, gem miner, collector, and international supplier. It is quite satisfying to collect your own crystals out of the Earth to create and meditate with. The crystal infusion ceremony ice breaker on Friday is where I will show you a simple wire wrapping technique to showcase the beauty of your crystal choice and create your piece with special intent.

Meet The Team

Come FLY with US!

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Heal - Laugh - Love

Friday Evening Opening Ceremony


Greet and meet

Crystal Infusion Ceremony

Saturday Activities

Authentic smudge cleansing ceremony and Drum Circle

Energy Painting Release Activity 

Travel the Trails for Reiki Healing - Sound Bath Healing 

Forrest Meditation/Journaling - Grounding Rituals 

Family Dinner 

Campfire Release to Recharge Ceremony

Sunday Activities

Morning Meditation Circle

Special Guest Speaker Jennifer Kupcho

 Walk the Ceremonial Labyrinth to Close the weekend

It's your time to FLY

First - Love -You

Revive. Recharge. Rejuvenate

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Michelle Irene

Spiritual Leader

International Best Selling co-author

Due to the unknow of COVID in the future testing may be a prerequisist for attendance. 

Nearby Airports

Binghamton, NY 5 Minutes BGM

Elmira, NY 45 Minutes ELM

Syracuse, NY 45 Minutes SYR

Scranton, PA 45 Minutes AVP

Bus Accomadations available through Greyhound/CoachUSA and more

Hotel Accommodations not included the retreat cost. Available at

Comfort Inn Binghamton, NY 

Free Travel to and from the Hotel will be available

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