Rise To Shine Affiliate Program - Become a part of our Spirit Team

SUNDAY OCT 13th 10:00AM - 4:00PM 

Polish Community Center 347 Prospect Street Binghamton, New York  13905

This year's event has a new name!

We have added a new word for greater impact. Did you notice it? Explosion! Why explosion you might ask well you know if it's coming from me there has to be a story behind it. And there is which I will share at a later date. But when I looked up the definition of the word I found this:


An Explosion is a rapid increase in volume

and release of energy in an extreme manner


That is what the eff I am talking about!!!! I love when things are so aligned and the reward is so great. This was perfect for what I am trying to create for this year's event!


The 2nd Annual Rise to Shine Event

A new year with a new fun-filled interactive format!

I am literally living life on top of the world! And I want that for you as well! I am so hoping you plan on attending this year's event! 


Because you were a part of the first year, I want you to attend for FREE! Yes, you heard that right for FREE!


Here's How:


Simply share your story and experiences of what you learned from last years event with your friends and family, through word of mouth, social media, and email.


Tell others one or two things you may have learned from last years event and how it reshaped your life. Your story is your ticket to helping people better understand how impactful an event like this can be. Don't worry tho, when you sign up I will give you all the information you need and show you how you can easily invite the people you want to help. 


Do you know of anyone who may want to attend already? When I asked you those questions I'm sure certain people popped into your head. 

  • This year together we are going to begin creating more of the life we want.

  • I will show you new super easy tools to add to your happiness toolbox!

  • Teach you how to actively manifest greatness into your life! 

  • Help you look at yourself and all that surrounds you in a new light. 

  • With self-love as the main theme for creating your new MI (my) Lifestyle

  • You will see how you can start creating a life of bliss to end 2019 with a loud bang and explode into 2020 for the best of the best

When you ask the universe for what it is you want then take all the right steps and focus on being aligned with that feeling

you will get your

positive payback. 

Here is how it will work

Here's the cool part

The Fee this year is $149 including lunch, all supplies (we will be creating something really cool, a happy bag filled with goodies, giveaways, training material).


As an affiliate, you automatically receive a discount offer of $99!


You can share this special affiliate cost with all your friends and family of $99 when you sign up for the affiliate program. 


1. Encourage one person to attend (using your special link) & receive a $50 credit to your account when they sign up*. (That's half price)

2. Encourage another person to attend (using your special link) & receive another $50 Credit! when they sign up* (that's FREE)

3. Each person you encourage to sign up after your initial entry fee is covered you will receive $25 cash back!* Cha-ching.

*Special links will be received when the launch period begins. You must sign up for the event with your special alumni fee and credits will be applied as your sign-ups begin. Cashback will be given after the event has occurred and the refund period has cleared. You must attend the event to partake in the affiliate program.  

@ 2019 Michelle Irene LLC