11-11-2020 Your Wings Empower

11:11 appears as a sign that the frequency of light is grabbing your attention as a deeper sign for a message coming through. Your team of leaders via angels, spirit guides, your soul, or source are attempting to grab your attention as a signal to PAY ATTENTION!

Listen in. Tune in. Step into this frequency.

They are giving you the opportunity to remember to be present in the moment.

To increase your level of awareness. In these amazing moments, you feel the difference in current. The current energy that is allowing you to transform your thoughts into amazing newness. Filled with compassion and understanding from a higher perspective. One that oversees the beauty through all channels and allows love to be the optimum leader.

Combine the forces of 1111 with the extreme awakening of 2020 and you have the opportunity for profound growth. The cliché' 2020 vision is truly a reality.

1. When you fully allow this energy light center to work with you

2. Surrender to the greater good

3. the outcome is filled with more clarity than ever before.

Activate this amazing vortex energy of light with this amazing meditation: https://www.michelleirene.com/soul-mission-meditation. It is a combination of many light centers coming together as they meet in the middle to work together. This energy is so powerful it can be overwhelming at times. Breathe into this transformational opportunity as you step into your authentic being and surrender even more.

The feeling of floating is not unusual as your light energy merges on a new plane giving you greater insight.

It is in the healing of your soul's energy where you will expand your wings and FLY.

Your wings are empowered with the highest truth and compassion.

~ Without truth your flights are quick.

~ Without compassion your flights are low.

~ Without either you will fly on autopilot circling the air with no place to land.

While consistently working with the highest authentic truth for self and others, not judgment or comparison your wings will soar to new heights.

Your soul will fly with freedom.

Remember that subjectivity can lead to fear and pain.

Compassion leads you towards understanding. Understanding allows for a greater objective view leading back to love.

Self love.

First Love You. Do you see it?


Lead with purpose. Lead with light. Lead with love.

And you heal the world around you.


When you're ready I have three ways to begin to RE-discover something amazing about YOU!

These offers are constantly changing and evolving just like you. 

  1. Monday Meditation Evening: Release - Recharge - Rejuvenate Nov. 16  NOW ONLY 11:11 As lightworkers, we give so much to others and sometimes leave ourselves behind. Here's your chance to plug back in.  Each month a new meditation as we connect our energies together in a safe container filled with love and light to bring your connection to new heightened levels and revitalize your personal energy.  Learn more and RSVP Here

  2. Soul Mission Meditation: Unlock the healing powers of light. Through the energy field of 11-11-2020 activate this light energy deep within your souls home. This guidance is awaiting your invitation. ​Call it in with this meditation that was channeled with my angel's light and love. ​Invite the divine light into your life. 

  3. Intuitive Soul Messages 3 Card: Messages are for your higher self on a soul level as well as the underlying influences. To guide you towards what your soul may be needing most to heal, grow, nurture. You will receive an in-depth card analysis and gain insight and understanding. Use special offer code: cardmessage

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