Reconnecting with a lost love

When January roles around we all begin to think of ways to start a new, set new goals, be a better person, take care of our health, etc. We want to start the year off on the right foot and make it the best one ever. From a spiritual stand point I tend to also think of options on how to better connect. Better connect with myself, my husband and family, with co-workers and social media followers as well as greater relationship with nature. Connecting with nature allows you to be more grounded with the universe which allows for enhancing an inner peace. Your inner peace. Bringing in a type of joy and zest for life which was lost some where between child hood and adult hood. This connection gives us the ability to meet life’s challenges with a positive attitude. Because with the sense of a stronger connection with nature comes a stronger sense of self and being one with the universe.

A few weeks ago something (I'm sure it was spirit) reminded me of my Cannon Rebel Camera which hadn't been used in a few years. Probably due to all the upgrades with technology, the added camera modes on our smart phones, and just plain old craziness of busy life. I mean why lug around this big bulky camera when there is one immediately available on my phone? I'll tell you why. Dusting off the ole' bulky piece allowed me this opportunity to reconnect. Reconnect with a lost love of photography. Capturing moments and freezing them in time. Finding beauty in people, events and the world that anymore seem to go unnoticed or forgotten. No selfies allowed. This gave me a different perspective of connection. A reconnecting with nature and all the beauty it bestows. A renewed internal awareness of self and how we are all connected and how we should pause for a moment to be grateful for what the world has to offer us.

With gratitude comes a new perspective, new thinking and new connection with self. To be grateful allows you to see more of the beauty in your life. The power of gratefulness goes unnoticed by many as they live in self pity, lack of respect

and negativity. There is always something to be grateful for every single day that you are alive. A professional photographer I am not but I believe real beauty is raw and in the eye of the beholder. Many lessons for myself have been learned all from my Cannon Rebel. I will no longer rebel on lugging around my trusted old friend and encourage you to go out there, find something you used to love to do and reconnect with the inner you.

Blessings Always, Michelle


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