Messages from Your Angels

If you follow me on facebook then you know every Sunday I post the opportunity for you to receive an inspirational reading for the week. I post three cards and ask you to pick the number card that resonates with you most. I ask you to go with your instinct. Why? The reason for doing this is teaching you how to go with your instinct. Trust it. Why do I ask you to do that ? you may be saying to yourself. Because that is one of the amazing ways your angels guide you. That moment when the answer, the word, the idea just randomly pops in your head. It probably happens to you often and you don't even realize it. In essence your angels (spirit) are guiding you to pick the card with the best message for you at that moment. That's how it works. It's really that simple.

The inspiration given from the cards never ceases to amaze me. No matter how many times I call upon them and no matter how many cards I draw. The words, pictures and symbols seem to relate to the receiver and help them. When I do a spread (use more than one card in a certain formation) I'm continued to be amazed when not only do each individual cards make sense but when you put them all together they reveal an even larger message. Whoa! How does that happen? It's all about the energy frequency in combination with the laws of science ie. Law of Attraction, Law of Vibration, and your angels of course.

In the past there have been negative connotations in regards to tarot cards but when linking to spirit as like many situations in life, it's all about your intention. Angels only work from a place of love and light and they want to brighten your day. To guide you, guard you and protect you. So the next time you get the opportunity to chose a card from my Sunday weekly inspiration or learning in one of my classes get ready, seize the moment because the answers just may be all in the cards.

Look for the weekly Sunday Post and get ready for a special message! Join me on Facebook!

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