Do you love Monday's?

Often times people we will begin to feel down on Sunday evenings. Thinking about the week ahead in regards to your career, appointments, your to do list, etc. When Monday rolls around the complaining begins and the week has you starting off on the wrong foot. When you put yourself in that mind set you begin to create the opportunity for a downward spiral. Like attracts like right? The Law of Attraction. It's a real thing. If you haven't heard of it or would like to learn more, I suggest you watch 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne . It will change your life!

If you begin to dread the week ahead you are instantly lowering your energy vibration. When you do this the process of setting things in motions begin. The negativity begins, the sluggishness (is that even a word?) begins, and many other low vibrational occurrences begin to suck you in to a place you don't really want to be. Unhappiness. Ungratefulness. Unkindness.

If you simply change your mind set on the week ahead or even just the day, (you don't have to wait until Sunday night to use this process) you will begin to see happier days ahead of you. Look at Monday's (or the next day) as a new chance, a new opportunity to do it better. Be better, love better all with the flip of a switch. Be a better you by changing the way you think and begin to love Monday's !



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