SOUL FULL Sunday Messages

Every Sunday on my Facebook page "Never Alone by Michelle Irene", I post pictures from an array of angel oracle and tarot cards to give you a boost for the week ahead. These messages are from your angels. I call upon the highest of high angels to give you insight into something you may need to work on with in yourself to have a soul full of love and light. We are all works in progress and when we can come from a place of love and light the world can be a much nicer place to live. You are a beautiful being and you deserve to live a life of abundance and happiness.

Messages will be revealed every Monday, giving all viewers the opportunity to pic their favorite card and post here for quick and easy review!

Card A -- From the Doreen Virtue Butterfly Oracle Deck for Life Changes

You have been contemplating change in your life. Not quite sure when to take that leap of faith. Faith is complete trust , confidence and a strong belief that your angels will be their to guide you. This card represents your angels expressing to you it is time. Leap! Spring is around the corner and it is no better time to make that change as the flowers begin to show their growth and blossom so should you. You already know what the first step is in making that change you just need that nudge to DO IT! Just like Nike always says 'JUST DO IT! Your heart and the divine are leading you in that direction. Trust and believe they would not place this seed in your heart and being to mislead you , their purpose is to guide you and the rest is up to YOU!

Card B -- Angel Messages from Vanessa Lampert

We see the joy and happiness from our friends when all is good in our life. Same with our angels. It is fun to see the signs that they are near. When times begin to get a bit harder they will bring light to these dark situations. We need their love and support even more, Know that they are always there for you no matter your circumstances. They will encourage you with signs and love to restore your faith that it will get better and good times will come again. Remember to thank them for all the goodness in your life and realize they are there for you everyday, all day no matter your circumstance.

Card C -- Doreen Virtue Archangel Oracle Cards

Arch Angel Gabriel is the messenger angel and is encouraging you to do some form a creative writing. From everyday journaling to blogging. If you have been thinking about writing a book, the time is now! WRITE THE BOOK! Begin with small snippets of thoughts and let it formulate on it's own. They will guide you in the direction you need to go, If you are having difficulty with a certain situation in life, they are encouraging you to write it out. Go to a quite place in nature and just begin writing your feelings, thoughts or wishes and you may be surprised at the answers you receive from your angels as you are doing this soul searching. They come to us in so many ways we just have to find a quite place in our mind and heart so we can truly listen to what they have to say.

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