Soul Full Sunday Messages (Creating a stronger bond w/ your angels)

Our angels are always here to guide us, guard us, and protect us. They are here for us no matter the circumstance whether you believe or not. When you believe and learn to see the signs, you begin to understand that you can call upon them anytime for assistance. The more you communicate with them and the more you allow them into your life the more abundant you journey becomes. We are energy. Everything around us is energy and our angels our energy. By understanding that we are all connected your life can change in so many ways.

Soulful Sunday messages are my way of assisting you to your connection with your angels and to give you a message to carry with you for the week ahead. When I am shuffling the cards I place my intentions to my angels to assist you in attracting the message that is most fitting for you. I also asked for the messages to coincide with our Spring Aweakening Challenge. Something you may need to work on, to allow more of into your life, to let go and grow. This month is all about Spring Cleaning Spring Awakening Challenge. Different steps to take to clear out the clutter from our minds, body and spirit so that we can make way for a better connection. As you continue on learning more about your connection and how it may help you along the way. Enjoy and Blessings always. ~Michelle

Pick your card choice and scroll to the appropriate card to receive your message.

This week as usual the theme of all three cards relate to create a unified message. I'll explain at the end.

Card #!: With the Spring Awakening Challenge in progress, this card is about a new beginnings! And that is exactly what all the steps are in regards to . Clearing out the clutter to start a new. To refresh. To find the real you. We all collect what I call 'muck' through out our lives. We all have so many experiences good, bad and indifferent while we harness all the energy from those experiences it begins to reshape who we really are. It reshapes our thoughts, our thought process, our personalities. We begin to judge others and lose track of what is real and what is not. By clearing away the 'muck' we can remember back to a time when our souls were pure and free from today's pollution and begin to live more as our authentic selves. So honor yourself, your true self. Look at yourself and how you can grow and make one change today to be a better you.

Card #2

When you were young, you were ready to take on the world! To make it a better place. You were a warrior. Were, notice the word were. Some where along the line you lost that fighting spirit. Your lifetime experiences have shaped you and reshaped you time and time again. You are a loving soul and still have the warrior fight within you to make this world a better place. You just don't know how after all these years it is even possible. It's simple. LOVE. Love your self to better love others. Fill the world with kindness one person at a time. This week work on being more compassionate with another's situation instead of flying off the handle in judgement and lack of patience. We all have a story, we all have a reason why today may not be our best day. Put yourself in another's shoes just for a moment and pass along a smile, a kind gesture, a complement. Open the door for someone with out any expectations of a 'thank you'. Do it just because you want to make this world a better place, one person at a time.

Card #3

Remember that time you first realized, you really liked someone? You know, when your stomach got all tingly with butterflies in your stomach? You couldn't wait to see that person and when you did your world just honed in on that moment and nothing else around you even mattered. That feel of free spirit and knowing you could conquer the world together! That young love and how wonderful a feeling! You show so much love for others but do you show yourself that same respect and love yourself the way you are suppose to? It's not selfish to love yourself. In fact it's the best gift you can give yourself! By loving yourself first and fore most you are able to give more love to others. You are regenerating your soul by loving yourself. Respect your mind by telling yourself nice things. Respect your body by feeding your soul with healthy choices and exercise. By doing just these two things your spirit will rise to new heights and new beginnings. Remember your young love from with in. Accept offerings from others as blessings and really embrace those gifts. You are worthy of good things. Be open to others loving you and accepting you but love and accept yourself first! Starting with your angels love and gifts.

Spring time is a new beginning. Looking back to your self as a child--running and playing outside in the spring after all the snow is gone. Freedom, fresh air and beauty. Remembering back to an easier time when your soul was unscathed and pure. You can have that feeling again. The Spring Awakening Challenge is a new beginning. A way for you to clear out the clutter, the chaos, the self doubt. A time to renew and grow. Like a blossoming flower we can nourish ourselves, our spirit for new growth with beauty from within.

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