Soulful Sunday Messages

This week is about soul renewal and awakening our inner self as we become a better version of who we are. Using stacked decks for a deeper reading. Pick the number column that first catches your eye! Trust your intuition! See your messages below:

Card Set #1

The first card is -- The sun will rise tomorrow no matter your circumstances today. Imagine it as the white light of the divine shining down on you protecting you as you carry out your life's purpose. You always have it's protection as it shines the light on your path. Keep moving forward ...never give up or give in because life is wonderful! Life is a journey and magical!

The second card is-- adversity which totally relates to the first card and giving you that reassurance that as life gives you challenges you grow, you learn and you become stronger. Believe you have the strength and your angels will give you the courage to power through any obstacle placed along your path. You are never alone in any part of your journey. Just ask the divine for assistance.

Card Set #2

The first card is-- The solutions card Similar to the first card above -- the sun -- you can see the sun shining down on you as the great divine is protecting you. As you may be struggling with a complex situation in your life right now, be patient and practice self control especially with your tongue. Don't be negative Nelly. Stay in the positive mind set The solution will come from within so keep your eye on the prize

The second card -- You need to look back to see how far you have come in your life and love yourself for all you have accomplished. This will help give you more strength to continue pushing forward through this latest obstacle that may be holding you back. Do not underestimate yourself give yourself more credit, the credit you deserve. Love yourself for all you have accomplished thus far to help you realize you are amazing!

Card Set #3

The first card--You are a hard worker, determined and never give in. Your greatest reward is just around the corner with the guidance of your guardian angel they will continue to give you the strength, courage and determination to finish out this latest obstacle you are facing. You got this. You have planted the seed now watch it grow. Keep in mind "you reap what you sow" if you did good things in the past, you will get good results in the future and vise versa. Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

The second card--Failure is the road to success. If you never try you may never succeed. Use your failures as a learning curve to something greater and bigger! If at first you don't succeed, try try again!

AS you can see all three sets of cards reference hard word and dedication. With Spring right around the corner (even with this snow) it is a time of renewal. New beginnings a fresh start! Look how far you have come and realize there is much more ahead and you can accomplish it!

Blessings always to the week ahead.


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