Connecting with Angels

I'm super excited to introduce my new oracle cards to you that I'm giving away a set. Oracle cards, angel cards, tarot cards are all amazing tools to enhance your connection with spirit and receive messages everyday! They are so easy to use and so much fun. Just ask my students or others that look for insight from their cards. They never let us down!

Let me tell you a little bit about my newest deck of cards. Inside this beautiful deck you will find inspiration from Mother Nature. These photos were chosen to assist you with a better connection. What better way to ground your self by connecting with the purest form of inspiration. With the earth, to ground your spirit and enhance your soul. By enhancing your connection with your higher self, your direct link to spirit becomes greater and the better messages you will receive.

Did you know you can give your self messages everyday? You don't need a psychic or a medium, you have the power and the knowledge inside! We all have the gift of communicating with our angels.

I've just recently added these to my site and I use them regularly for my Soulful Sunday Messages on Facebook! They are so fun and colorful with hidden messages on each card.

Giveaway entries end March 31st and then spirit will choose the winner! I hope you win but if you don't You can use DISCOUNT CODE: AngelCard to get your set anytime! (PS They make great gifts too!)

Enter to win here

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