A Letter of Gratitude

While working with one of my clients recently (and this happens every time I work with others) I had a very profound moment. I continually learn and grow from each person I come in contact with because I lead with an open heart. I come from a place of compassion which allows me to better understand that each one of us has our own journey, our own difficulties, our own issues and our own triumph's. Just because you are having a rotten day, I understand it has nothing to do with me. And if you are having an amazing day, I can truly be happy for you. Leading with compassion allows me to better comprehend and not absorb the other person's actions/pain and not take it personally. My husband used to always joke that I gave people too many mulligans (Do overs). I used to think that was a bad thing. Now I embrace this trait because I know it is part of the divine connection with the higher power and it all begins with love. Love you have for yourself. If you can not truly love yourself, how can you truly love others?

Loving yourself is the place you need to begin to make that change. Whether you are trying to better connect with your spouse, your children/family, co-workers or God, it all begins with LOVE.

Do you love you? If so, how do you replenish your self? Think of your heart as a glass and the water as love. The glass is empty when you take it out of the cabinet right? You go to the faucet and fill it with water. You drink it. You become thirsty again so you refill it and again you drink it. Later on that day you become thirsty again so what do you do? You go to the faucet and refill your glass. See where I am going? You continue to replenish the glass with water. Do you replenish your heart with love?

Only you can give YOU the love needed to replenish your soul. Yes, love from others around you feeds your soul it's true. However, for the deeper understanding of the greatest love all, it begins with you. We can not continue to empty our soul without replenishing it with love and gratefulness. By restoring your self love, you allow your heart to continually fill. This allows you to come from a place of compassion and understanding for others. You become a greater giver to others because of this nourishment.

SO take today to begin a new and write your self a letter. A letter of gratitude to YOU. Not about your kids, your family, or your troubles but just YOU. What do you love about you? What are you grateful for about you? How do you love you? How do you love others? How do you show kindness, compassion, and love? As you write your self this letter ask your angels to guide you in digging deep to really see and feel the inner you.

It can be very difficult to praise ourselves for fear of feeling selfish. It's not! So your angels are near to guide you and they want to help. Find a quiet place, light a candle or incense, play your favorite music and state your intentions to your higher power for guidance. As you begin to put the pen to the paper, the words will begin to flow and you will be amazed at what may come through. Don't think too hard and keep it simple. Start with short letters of gratitude and graduate to longer ones each time you do this. Make it a Sunday night ritual. What a great way to begin your week....with a full heart!

From a place of great love always,

~Michelle Irene

I would love to hear your feed back on how well this lesson went for you! Leave a comment in the post below. <3

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