Soulful Sunday Messages

This weeks messages are about love, gratitude and replenishing our soul. To better connect with others, ourselves, and the higher power we have to come from a place of love. Did you read my latest blog post 'A Letter of Gratitude'? Loving yourself is the place you need to begin to make that change. So I asked my angels to bring forth the cards that would best reflect what it is that you may need to start moving in this direction! So by now you should know the drill....pick the card that instantly resonates with you and then find your message below. You may pick more then one if you feel the need for further insight. Enjoy!

Card #1: 'Open your heart to allow the goodness to flow inward'

Now mind you before I pull my cards for messages, I always place my intentions on what subject I would like to focus on for you. If you read my 'Letters Of Gratitude' blog post (I wrote this before I read the cards) I still get excited and surprised when the cards and spirit are right on!

By coming from a place with your heart wide open will allow you to receive the nourishment your soul deserves. This will allow you to live an amazing life full of abundance, substance and purpose. You have been closed off partially because you have been hurt before. Don't let those tough experiences harden you. Remaining closed off does not allow you to live as your authentic self. Begin by looking inward. Realize who you are by counting all the blessings you have had and have today! Gratitude is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Come from a place of love and replenish your heart by allowing it to open more.

The color blue which symbolize's peace, love and tranquility just emphasizes what this card is telling you. While it also represents trust which is something many of us struggle with by learning to trust yourself and your intuition you will feel more tranquility in your life allowing you to become more open.

Card #2

'Your angels are always sending you signs. Sometimes we see them and sometimes we do not. They are waiting to be discovered.'

Like a smoke stack used by the Indians to send messages, your angels are doing the same. When you think something may be a message, it more than likely is. Trust your inner thoughts for they are your angels guiding you, protecting you and helping you along the way. There are more obstacle coming your way as you carry on your journey this week but know your angels are there and ready to help. Ask~Believe~Receive!

This card is full of blue which if you read card #1's meanings can relate to this message as well. However in this case it refers even more to your fifth chakra which is the throat chakra. If you throat chakra is closed off this could impact your ability to communicate effectively. Blockages can also manifest as the inability to express and realize your truth in the world. When the fifth chakra is open and balanced, you are able to express yourself clearly and honestly in any situation with confidence. So whatever situations may be coming forth in the future remember this message and do not allow yourself to close off. You have a voice, use it in a kind regard to help you move forward.

Card #3

'When the temperature rises, take a deep breath and remove yourself from the situation physically or mentally'

Are you dealing with that negative Nellie somewhere in your life? Don't allow that negative energy to enter your energy field. You can remove yourself from the situation instantly by protecting yourself with what we call "Spirit Bubbles." While you may have heard about protecting yourself with the white light which you should do before you enter a negative situation if you know ahead of time.

A spirit bubble acts as a protective shield. You ask your angels to shield the energy of the situation you are dealing with. This blocks the negative vibe that is happening.

The shield is made of love and light which is a much higher energy vibration. Negative energy works at a lower rate and cannot penetrate the power of your psychic self-defense mechanism. Negativity is toxic and can cause many issues if you allow it to penetrate through your field.

Let it bounce off of you, it is not yours to hold on to.

With green as the dominant color of this card message, it is the color of earth and living plants. It comes as a reminder to you to make sure your ground yourself by connecting with the earth. Admire the moon lite and stars, a beautiful sunrise or set. Just notice the beauty the world has to offer to better connect with it all. There is a bit of indigo in this card which is about your power of the inner mind, your intuition. Trust it!

By doing these three things you will begin to see the power of your inner self and learn that you are strong, beautiful and worth the wonderful gifts you receive.

Thanks for following everyone! Leave your comments below and have a beautiful week ahead!

Blessings Always,


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