What are your angels trying to tell you this week?

Why do I call this Soulful Sunday Messages? Because I want to help you make your soul full! We are all works in progress no matter how much money you have or don't have, how many cars you have or don't have, how many friends you have, well I think you get the idea. Coming from a place of love and light and teaching yourself to do this as regularly as you can is the biggest change you can make to living a life of abundance., Abundance does not mean material goods. It's an emotional abundance. One that you can gain no matter where you are in your life. The abundance that allows you to have happiness that comes from within that shines upon others and fills your life in a way you can only understand through experience.

This is what my angels have done for me and have encouraged me to to show you how to live this kind of life everyday! So I have begun doing Soulful Sunday Message posts for insight into what your angels feel you may need to help you get through his week with love in your heart and the light in your eyes to pummel through rough situations, to smile through tough times and enjoy the truly best moments that life has to offer.

If you haven't already, choose the number card that immediately caught your eye the second you saw this picture. It is about trusting your instincts and taping into your intuition to see what spirit has to say for you.

Card #1:

The Three of Water

There are three situations you are currently contemplating or working on. You are feeling as if you are treading water and sometimes so overwhelmed you are fully engulfed in this situation and not sure where to turn or how to get out of it. There is this one word that many of us have a tough time using and it is 'NO'. Don't be afraid to tell someone you cannot take on another task at this moment. Take one thing off your already full plate this week and take a moment for yourself! When you do this.....celebrate! Celebrate you and how you are so important to you! When you begin to understand that you are just as important as all the other people in your life, you open the door for abundance to begin to come in.

Card #2

Six of Earth

This card is telling me that in order to find more balance in your life you have to begin to reconnect to all the beauty our earth has to offer. With Spring time here get outside and get some fresh air! That's an order. Go for a walk during your lunch break or after dinner with a special loved one or special friend. While you are taking this time out for you remember to be present and enjoy the moment. Life doesn't have to be all about work and chores. Take your chore chart from the heavy side and move a few of those tasks to the lighter side to balance out your week. By lifting the load you allow to live in a lighter state of being and allow extra goodness in.

Card #3

Page of Fire

Your world is a colorful and creative place! If you already are doing a creative project don't stop. Follow through until it is finished. If you have been thinking about beginning something new than don't put it off till tomorrow. Begin it today! If you haven't been feeling creative lately, come up with something that will get those creative juices flowing. Being creative is one of the best ways to begin connecting with your angels. It clears your mind and all the clutter it is clogged up with and allows amazing energy to flow through you. No excuses, no matter how un-creative you think you are that's not true. Get an adult coloring book and then color a page. Let the relaxed state of coloring allow you to open up your mind to the possibilities that may follow. What is it that you are hoping to change? Put it out there while relaxing the mind and let the changes begin!

Here's to a beautiful week ahead!

Let me know how your readings relate to you, assisted you or change your way of thinking.

As always.......

Many Blessings for the week ahead,



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