Heart and Soulful Readings

This week I thought I would change it up a bit and have you put your intentions out there without the backs of the cards showing. I usually pick the cards when I do the first post and waited this time until this morning to see what would happen. When it comes to working with spirit they never cease to amaze me. They always know what it is you need to hear to help guide you to the next step along your journey whether you use cards or other tools including your intuition to hear those messages. The key is your intentions. Putting it out into the universe. They hear your calling and will answer. Are you listening?

I thought the doors would be interesting to use. Did you pick the door that was already open? Or were you attracted the the colors of the ribbons? Did the ribbons remind you of a competition and the awards you would get if you placed first, second and third? It;'s interesting what influences our decisions through out the day and once you begin to realize what your influences are you can better control your decisions and make the work to your advantage!

This week I use the Heart and Soul Deck from Sylvia Browne! I have always admired her work and your connection to spirit. Your readings this week are something your heart and should need to be nourished and grow just in time for the spring bloom to begin to take place. Blessings for the week ahead and be sure to join me next Sunday for more readings and insight to fill your soul with goodness!

Door #1 Blue Ribbon

You have this need to be the lead. To be in first place and be ahead of the curve. Your drive and desire to always be first is an amazing trait to have however sometimes it can get in the way of your happiness. Sometimes you have to take the back seat , step back and smell the roses. Enjoy the moments you have created and be grateful for all of life's little offerings. Humility is a major component in being thankful. Remember that being too humble can leave your soul in an altered state where you begin to not feel truly grateful with what life has to offer and you begin to not feel worthy of all the goodness surrounding you. Be proud of your accomplishments and don't let your ego get in the way. You are attracted to the color blue which happens to be the main color in this card highlighting the eggs and bird just in time for your Spring Awakening and a rebirth of something new coming your way. Symbolically the color blue represents calmness and harmony. Meditate with this color for a greater connection with your angels.

Door #2 Red Ribbon

The door you picked was already open which is amazing news for you! You are open to the possibilities and open to your own spirituality. You are ready to take the next step for fulfilling your souls journey. You have been very successful in leading a happy life and the next phase is going to be the best ever! You know how to have fun which is a beautiful connection to your inner child (where we learned to just have fun). Be happy and grateful is one of the greatest gift's you can give your self and your doing it. If you feel you are not then this card is a reminder to do just that. Think back to a time where play was a part of your day. How wonderful did you feel playing with your friends and not a care in the world? Find time to do this and you will begin to see a shift begin in your day. The color red (ribbon) is a vibrant powerful color and full of life! You are a very intense person when you need to be, very focused but know when to shut it down. If you need to strengthen an aspect in your life, meditate on this color to help guide you to the next level of your growth.

Door #3 Yellow Ribbon

You are extremely connected to your spirituality but are ready to move to the next level and just not sure how to take that step or what direction you need to go. Are you listening? The signs and symbols are there. Right in front of you waiting to be discover. When the signs appear even if you do not understand them, acknowledge that you see and ask to be shown in another way. Right down your findings in a journal and watch as the messages and the next step to take will unfold right in front of your eyes! We are on a constant search to reach for the best for our souls. Be grateful, count your blessings, calm your mind and meditate to get yourself to that next level. The ribbon color and main color of this card symbolizes a sunny disposition and always looking at the good sides of a situation. You understand that everyone has a story and are willing to think of others before yourself. Just don't forget to replenish your soul by allowing others to give back to you and receive it with gratitude. Meditate with this color to boost your confidence and recieve the courage you've been looking for to take a big step in your life that you have been contimplating for a while!

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