What is a Spiritual Awakening?

I'm sure you've heard the terminology before. I've had a spiritual awakening. I'm embarking on a spiritual awakening. I'm running a challenge for you to begin the path towards your spiritual awakening. But what exactly does that mean?

What is spirituality exactly? And why do we say it's an awakening when it happens? Google dictionary defines spirituality as such:

spir·it·u·al·i·ty ˌspiriCHo͞oˈalədē/ noun

noun: spirituality; plural noun: spiritualities

  1. "the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

"the shift in priorities allows us to embrace our spirituality in a more profound way"

It's a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, a higher power while in search of something more in life. Something more then just the human experience and searching for a greater meaning. Your souls purpose and the essence of your being.

Having a spiritual awakening is the beginning of your journey towards the path of enlightenment. The realization there is something more out there and the belief that we are all connected. It may be a BIG ah ha moment or it could be little signs along the way that eventually get you to where you need to be along that path. You may have always known there was another realm out there and the belief there is another power greater than us but not fully understood it. You are aware their is more and want to better understand and experience this change.

There are different levels of awakening and they are all wonderful! Once you begin this new journey your life will be forever changed. Because you begin to come from a place of love, light and goodness. It's food for your soul. It's about becoming the best person you can be.

By opening your heart to allow the love to come in and shine through to others will give you a deeper connection to the divine. When you live in this place of a heighten energy vibration you live lighter and live happier. It's not just a switch that you can flip on and BAM you're enlightened......it's a process. A learning curve that come easy for some and takes longer for others. Just like anything else you do in life you have to do the work to get their and to better comprehend what is really going on.

My workbook "A Guide to Connecting with Angels" is one way you can begin the work to peel away the layers I call muck. Stuff we have collected through the years with our life experiences that gather around our souls and harness it in a way that the light can not come through. We have to peel away those layers one at time, understand what lessons they hold, learn and move forward to the next layer. One day at a time, one step at a time. One recent buyer from amazon said this:

Exercise One....makes it all worthwhile ! Received as a Christmas present and the first exercise in this book changed my outlook .. I tell everyone who is looking to change a hopeless feeling.. This first step is Huge!

Of course this isn't the only path paved for your learning. There are so many options these days with books, webinars, google searches, Facebook pages and groups and other intuitive spiritual teachers. Reach out to them. Find groups that you resonate with and are comfortable with. (watch out for the negative groups they can be draining). As you do this work you will begin to feel this shift take place in your life. People will notice the change. You feel lighter and happier. You don't get as upset as easily. You have more patience and a better attitude. Your outlook is positive and you can no longer waste your time in negative situations. You begin to understand the deeper meaning of life and realize you have just been going through the conditioned moments of time. You begin to look deep within yourself and ask the questions

  • "Who am I?"

  • "Why am I here?"

  • "what is my life purpose?'

To just name a few. You will begin to look at the world through a different lens and realize what a beautiful gift we have been given to experience such greatness by simply being alive. Are you ready to make that change?

What does a spiritual awakening mean to you?

stillness to govern your actions and reactions.

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