May 1st Weekly Readings

Happy May everyone! Spring is here or almost for some but don't let that from stopping you to grow. We all need nourishment inside and out so stay positive, eat right, drink water and live in a place of love and kindness.

Using the NEW and improved Michelle Irene Inspiration Cards (soon available for purchase) here is your weekly readings for the choices you picked.

Card #1: Your angels are with you everyday. To guide you, guard you and protect! If you take a moment to be still and silent you may actually feel them wrap their glorious wings around you. Your body will shiver, quiver and the tears may begin to flow. It is such a powerful moment to experience but you have to be still. When you work together in harmony your life fills with goodness and love like no other. Meditate if even for a moment you are focusing on your breath and ask them to appear you may be surprised when you actually feel them near.

Card #2: Are you always the first to lash back with your words to prove you're right? Or try to out do the person next to you or trying to prove your worth? Next time do it with silence and calm actions and you will begin to feel that shift take place. When you realize your power comes from within. You have nothing to prove to anyone else but you. You are not competing with anyone else but you! Don't worry what the other is doing, or the naysayers are saying. Focus on you and your journey to lead you straight to the finish line of happiness!

Card #3: Are you a giver or a receiver? Do you give all your time and energy to others? Do you give away all your love and save nothing for you? It is NOT selfish to take time for you. We are so preconditioned to think we come last. We do NOT! Think of yourself as a cell phone. It gives you power all day long and eventually it runs out of battery. What do you do? You plug it in to regenerate its power. You need to do the same. Plug yourself in with your spiritual connection. Be open and willing to receive their gifts and you will begin to live your life in a whole new light.

Hope you enjoyed your readings. Feel free to leave a comment below or on the daily inspiration page on face book. Never Alone by Michelle Irene

Blessings for a beautiful week ahead.



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