Sweet Angel Messages

With the warmer weather finally here in the North East it always seems to become a time of reflection and renewal. Regrowth and blossoming like the plants that God has given to us. This weeks messages from your angels are about just that. Finding the time to grow as an individual and making the changes need to do just that. I spent the last few weeks taking some new courses to grow spiritually so that I could continue to do what I do by helping you. When we open that door just a little to let the light shine in we can do so much for our self worth and be better, live better and love better. Now as a certified Angel Intuitive and a certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue , I feel more confident then ever to continue down this path of showing you the way to enlightenment! SO pick your number angel and see what they have to say for you to begin to blossom anew.

Card number one from Angel Therapy Cards by Doreen VIrtue The Red Angel : Red is for the root chakra. Grounding yourself and I don't mean getting in trouble and being grounded from activities! I mean get out into the world....go out side for a walk and appreciate all the world has to offer. Smell the fresh air. Take your shoes off and run in the grass like you did when you were a kid. Feel the grass in between your toes and connect with Mother Nature. Be grateful for the beauty surrounding you and blessed for all that life has to offer. Let the inner Goddess come forward and SMILE! To feel a greater energy connection and to lift your physical energy look into the use of crystals to give you that extra power lift and greater connection with your inner you.

Card Number two from Angel Therapy Cards by Doreen VIrtue The White Angel: White can mean many things, including spirituality, higher consciousness, purity, excessive spirituality. Be careful from angel overload! While living in a higher frequency is a great place to be, it's not realistic to be there all the time. We can get confused between the two worlds and forget that we still have work to do here on earth. When you come down off that natural high you can really drop your energy into a state of sadness and despair. Have no fear when taking all the necessary precautions such as eating healthy and taking care of your self! This will boost your immune system, keep you grounded, and raise that vibration naturally for the best spiritual connection whenever you may need it.

Card Number three from Angel Therapy Cards by Doreen Virtue: Blue is for the Throat chakra with regards to Communication, truth, self-expression. If you are struggling in these areas and need to find your voice, now is the time to step up and let it happen. This may have something to do with your past or even a past life issue. If you ask your angels for guidance and information on how to learn from this situation, it will help you release the fear of holding back and begin to stand up for YOU in the most positive effective way possible. This goes the same for those of you who may have a very strong voice and need to learn when to tone it down and hold back during situations that your voice may get you into trouble. Think before you speak, find compassion from within for others and always come from a place of love and kindness.

Blessings for a beautiful nourishing week ahead!

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