Angel Messages to forge ahead!

The week ahead is one of new discoveries, talents and happiness. As we become more connected to our inner selves and figure out what it is we really need, not necessarily what we want. If you haven't already done your spring cleaning do it now before it gets away from you and Fall is upon. Cleansing our living space is just as important as clearing our minds for full connection with the divine. All the 'stuff' get's in the way and that's what this weeks messages are all about. Clearing our 'stuff'. Which ever angel you picked is the most important message your angels want you to hear and focus on this week. The other messages may relate to you as well but they are secondary to this weeks angel assignment. You may have picked more the one message and they may fit together some how for an even more powerful assignment from above. Thanks for joining me and enjoy your message.

Card #1 : Archangel Tarot Deck

The Empress Card

Archangel Raphael , Gabriel and Ariel are all with you today to assist in getting those creative juices going so that you can create something beyond amazing. This will assist in on your journey but helping you become more in touch with your inner child (more creative). You have been stagnant with this side of yourself for a while now and it is time to bring out the spirit of creativity. Not artistic? That's OK. Be creative in the garden. Create a fairy garden, plant something colorful and get your hands dirty digging in the dirt. Appreciate the process whatever is it you are creating and let your mind wonder to a place you may not typically allow it to go. By allowing your creativeness to flow what ever it may be you begin to appreciate the finer, simpler things in life and with this comes abundance! It's all about you this week and that's good! Good for the soul. It's soul food calories not included.

Card #2 Archangel Tarot Deck

Three of Ariel

Are you doing what you love to do? If so Yay for you! That's fabulous and half the battle of life. We should do things we love......and do things we like! Take a hike, build a tree fort, go swimming, make your favorite food! Doing what you love creates this amazing beauty from within. Self satisfaction of accomplishment and worth. Going through the motions of everyday mundane tasks becomes old and depressing. That's not the real you. Change things u like putting on your favorite music while you clean the house and jam out! Make it fun! If you're not happy with something, you have the power to change it. You may not know the exact way to do it

but ask you angels for guidance and the steps you need to take will become apparent as you move along.....

Card #3 Archangel Tarot

The Wheel

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round.......Yep that's you turning the wheels going round and round and where they stop you never know! FOCUS!!!! Something great is heading your way and you're going to miss your opportunity! You are floating around the earth and need to plant your feet firmly in the ground! Do some meditation and get outside! Feel the earth beneath your bare feet! Enjoy some peaceful moments and changes will appear before you . Your angels have your back! They are leaving you signs everyone you just have to begin to notice them and trust.

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