A Week of Healing

This weeks messages are about healing. We may not always treat ourselves the way we deserve to be treated.....we may be harnessing experiences to close to our heart that no longer serve a purpose.....we may have experienced a painful loss whether its a loved one passing, an end to a relationship, an end of a career, etc....No matter the circumstance this is the week we will focus on taking steps forward to heal.

If you haven't chosen your angel yet from the Facebook Post at Never Alone here is your opportunity to trust your instincts and your angels to pick the number that first jumps out at you. Wherever your eye goes whether it's an angel or the number that is your choice. Don't switch it.....stay with it.

I have changed it up just a bit this week by deciding to choose a bonus card that when combined with your first choice cards message will put the icing on the cake so to speak to make the message loud and clear! Your angels are always there for you to guide you, guard you and protect you. You are loved.

Angel #1 Message

This message is about creating a greater level of oxygen in your system

By getting outside more often and really taking in some deep breaths you can increase your oxygen levels which increase your energy levels. Why do we want to do this? Well for one it will make you feel better, more alive. Two it has been a well know healing agent for many many centuries. Think about it, when someone you love is in the hospital they always give them oxygen. Three you will be able to create a stronger connection with your angels. SO to heal something that is within you take the time this week to get some fresh air, open the windows a little more, go for a walk or rock on the front porch with a glass of lemonade, breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth and let the healing begin. As you are taking this time for your self, reflect on your life, your day, your happiness, your difficulties and call upon your angels to assist you in what needs the most healing. Then let the process begin as your energy frequencies start to shift.

Angel Message #2

Just as important as oxygen from reading message number one, sunlight is an amazing energy source! Many of us get our energy from the sunshine and I don't just mean our physical energy. I am talking about our spiritual energy as well. The connection becomes stronger and the less sunlight we receive the weaker our connection may become. Even with Vitamin D Supplements which may help the physical aspect, this does not necessarily help the spiritual connection. When calling upon our angels for guidance, and healing we need to have that strong energy connection. Always call upon the highest of high angels for assistance. If you know your spirit guides names call upon them directly to get the most positive outcome. Feeling energized and healing our pain not only helps us to feel better mentally but then we take better care of ourselves through exercise and nutrition. And when we put them all together we feel AMAZING! and can accomplish ANYTHING!

Angel Message #3

This is a very meaningful card because I can sense there is something very deep with in your soul that is ailing you. NO matter the situation I want you to read card #1 and #2 messages because they all go hand in hand for you. The pain you are feeling by hanging onto this experience is keeping you from moving forward on your life's journey. You are at a stand still. You woke up this morning and you are blessed! No matter how much it hurts. You are BLESSED. Get outside, feel the beauty from nature that has been created for YOU and breathe. Call upon Arch Angel the master of healing and ask him/her for guidance, acceptance, new direction. Be specific about your needs but don't include your wants. There is a difference. You can't always get what you want but you deserve to have your needs fulfilled. Change your mindset to a positive vibration frequency to help you begin in a new direction.


PRAYER WORKS! Yes! It does not matter who your higher power is that you pray to, it is the power within these sincere words helps. Take time to really focus on the prayer you would like answered and let the highest of high power take it from there. Release it into their energy vibration and let them take it way, freeing you of the burden and allowing you to know it is in good hands. NOW remember our prayers may not always be answered in the way we think the outcome should be but they get answered in the way your angels think is the best situation for all. But they do get answered. Don't forget to thank your angels for their presence in your life because they like the recognition just as much as you do.

Whatever your worries or situation Let go and let your angels.

Love, Light and Blessings for a beautiful week ahead/

This weeks messages were from the Doreen Virtue Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards

Learn more about Angel Therapy from Doreen by clicking on this link.

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