Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice!

If you're new to this inspirational opportunity, angel card messages are a fun way to receive messages from your angels. It's a tool anyone can use to connect directly to spirit for uplifting guidance to help you grow as a person, spiritually and mentally.

All you have to do is pick the angel that directly draws your attention and remember the number you chose. I post these every Sunday and then on Monday's I usually post all the card readings her in this blog post or sometimes I post directly to my face-book page Never Alone By Michelle Irene.

This weeks cards are the Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and every time I use this deck, I think they are just so sweet and nice. Which brings me to the theme for this week and working on ourselves to be Everything Nice to ourselves and others which will guide us to a new way of thinking and being!

Angel Choice #1 -- Two of Thought

I just have to giggle a little because when using cards to connect you can chose a topic, a question or just in general what you may be needing for the day and the cards are never wrong! Look at the last two words of the paragraph above! A new way of thinking and I pick the card of Thoughts. WOW....this is one of the reasons why I just love what I do!

The card says that your angels have notice that you're not moving forward........this is because you are stuck in thought. You over think things too much and you let yourself get in the way of progress. Don't be afraid.

Push fear to the side and come from a place of love and trust for your angels because they are ready to guide you. Ask them for what you want and be specific. They will answer you but not in full sentences so you must be aware and ready to see, here and feel the signs they give you!

Angel Choice #2-- Successful Completion

Your wings are strong and so is the strength from with in you.

You are a go getter always looking for the next thing to tackle. But right now you need to focus on YOU! You are the next thing you are going to tackle.

Be kind to your mind, body and soul because you are about to emerge unto a new spiritual journey. A new awakening to the next level whatever that may be.

You have the abilities and you are very aware but not sure where to go next.

SO before you begin this trip, take some time to be with self peacefully and nourishing.

Eat right, get some exercise and drink plenty of water to hydrate. Be grateful for all the world has already gifted you and be proud of how far you have come!

Angel Choice #3 -- Nine of Emotion

Similar to card #2 Magic is in the air! Wishes are granted and dreams will come true!

Think about what you may have wished for when you were a child. Remember who you were during those fun times before life experiences began to shape you into a new you.

Good thinks happen to good people. Be loving, be kind and always be compassionate. You will be rewarded tremendously for these admirable traits. Relax a little and put your feet up to enjoy the fruits of thy labor! (this means look back and reflect on what you have accomplished and be grateful for all your joy!) Good luck is in your corner because it is not luck at all, it's already written in the cards!

Have a great week ahead and thank you for joining me for this weeks Soulful Sunday Angel Messages for a fabulous week ahead!

Blessings Always,

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