The Power of a Word

Words are powerful. We all know that, we all have felt it. The good words feel good and the bad ones well...? Who ever said "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" didn't know what they were talking about. The proof is now in the pudding or should I say in the water? In 1994 Dr. Emoto came up with the idea to freeze water and observe it through a microscope. From tap water to ocean water they spoke kind words to the droplets as well as showing the water droplets pictures and playing music. Beautiful crystals always formed after giving good words, playing good music, and even offering prayer to the water. On the other hand, when bad and unkind words were spoken disfigured crystals appeared.

Through this groundbreaking work of Dr. Emoto came great discoveries of the power of words and thoughts! In saying how powerful words can affect water imagine what they are doing to a human being who is made up of 50%- 75% water. When someone hands you a compliment how amazing do you feel? Just the opposite when someone serves you with unkindness.

In search of my own experiments to test the waters (lol), I created act of kindness cards and began to use them in my classes. The card read You are with a big open heart for you to fill with a word or words. The smiles and giggles that would take place during class were so uplifting it was amazing. We then decided to take them outside of the classes and begin to distribute around town, in stores, on our travels and spread kindness through the unspoken word.

I them decided to take this experiment a step further with The Rice Challenge on a vacation with my extended family including my three nephews all under the age of 14. I explained the concept to them and they were all in!. We all spoke to the containers many times through out the days ahead. One container was labeled good where you had to say anything complimentary to it such as 'I love you' 'you're beautiful', etc. The other was labeled bad where you had to say, well, not nice things to it. After four days the rice began to yellow in the 'bad' container eventually turning moldy especially in one area where it was spoken to the most. Where the 'good' container remained pure and white! Amazing!!! Here are the results we received:

I think we were all very surprised to see just how powerful a word could be. It will definitely make us all think twice before we speak unkind words and has encouraged us even more so to be kind to one another.

Always from a place of love & light,

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