Inspiration from your Angels

Isn't it amazing that through our angels we can find comfort, guidance, strength and inspiration? We all have the ability to inspire ourselves as well as each other in so many different ways. That's one of my favorite things about using angel cards. To inspire others to be better, to keep moving forward and to know there is more out there.

This weeks Soulful Sunday messages to make your heart FULL are all about just that. Something you can work on each day this week to fill your heart with something that may be missing. Whether it's love, happiness, comfort, connection, this reading is for you.

Take the message with you wherever you go, hold it close to your heart and know you are NEVER ALONE!

Using my new Never Alone Inspiration Cards (now on sale at 25% with code SS25):

Card Choice #1

Be grateful for all that you have! Whether or not you are trying to connect with spirit you are for sure trying to connect with your higher self or you wouldn't be following this news feed. You were brought to my page for a reason and this is a great way to begin to change your life in a new direction. Whether you feel you are on the wrong path or the right path there is always room to learn and grow. Look around you. What do you see? Do you appreciate all of life's gifts that have been given to you? Even the trying moments in your life, the difficulties and maybe even the tragedies? We are constantly given gifts of opportunities to become the best version of ourselves. By thanking your higher power (Angels, God, Buddha, Universe, etc) for these blessings no matter how small or how big, you will begin to feel a shift in your energy which is a shift in the universe where you will begin to grow from within and really appreciate all life has to offer. You are blessed. <3

Card Choice # 2

Yep, we all have those people in our loves that just always know how to say the wrong thing. How to bring down the energy in a room full of people and change the mood from fab to drab. However, do you know who the biggest culprit is in this negative way of thinking? YOU! We are our own worst critics (including myself). Why do we do it? Are we not worthy of good things? Are we not worthy of happiness, of love, and friendship? The answer is "We are worthy! YOU are worthy of all great things! Allow positive thoughts and positive vibes to enter your heart and permeate your soul. Believe in your greatness and trust that your angels will reward you for your ability to be kind to yourself. You are worthy! <3

Card Choice # 3

No matter what cards I use, from amazing healers and teachers, to ones I've created and even digital versions, the cards are always spot on. Before I pick the cards for your weekly message I decide on a topic whether it's love, connecting or self development. This last message is the greatest gift all. The gift that only you can give you. You were created by the hands of the greatest power. The divine has your back at all times but you have to be willing to do the work as well. It starts with the power of love. Love your self and love from others will always flow freely towards you. You are love. You are loved<3

I hope you enjoyed this weeks messages on creating a full soul for yourself as you continue on your journey of life here on earth. It is a blessing to be a part of each and every one of your lives and I am forever grateful for this opportunity. I don't know about you but I will take all three of these messages with me through out the entire week and until they become habitual and stay with me forever.

Did you see my last blog post? The Power of A Word? See how speaking negative can change the energy frequency with the use of water and rice. Then imagine what it could be doing to you.

As always Love & light,

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