Left, Right, Center

It's a game of trusting your intuition. Life is a game and you can be winner or you can well.....I don't want to even to say it because in reality we are all winners! We all have been given the blessing of life. A chance to learn, be the best person we can be and experience all the beauty that is surrounding us. We all have a different idea of what winning is, what success is and what happiness is. You set the bar for your life. What does happiness mean to you? What does success mean to you. Have you asked yourself that question yet? It's really a simply answer. As a whole society makes it more and more difficult to define. The media puts ideas into our heads and we listen. We see movie stars and athletes living the 'dream' because they are getting paid millions for what they do. How blessed are they right? I think many of you know that some of those stars are empty inside. Magazines and newspapers do the same. Woman have a distorted look about what the perfect woman should like. We feel ashamed that we may not look like the celebrity or supermodel on the cover who has been starved and photo shopped. Not to mention the hair and makeup team that have been working on them for hours. That's not reality. The news and magazines are usually only peoples opinions, thought' and their 'reality'. Not yours. Your reality is right here, right now.

So the bigger questions is this.......Are you making life more difficult? By listening to out side sources and forces and not listening to the truth from within? I wrote a blog piece today about What are you thinking? How you can very easily change the shape of your life. Click here to read more. This weeks Soulful Angel Message theme is Thinking. How it influences our life. Did you go directly to the left right or angel in the center for your weekly message? Using the Chakra Insight Oracle deck by Caryn Sangster

Center Angel Message

Not only do the cards hold a strong connection to spirit with an underlining message but the position of the card holds a special meaning as well. In saying that this is the center angel message. Since you picked the center it means you are doing a great job balancing out your life. You take time to do it right. To enjoy the moment and be truly present in all it has to offer. You should

be proud of yourself and how far you have come. You are motivated to be the best you can be and have persevered through many trials and tribulations. You took action to take control of your desires, happiness and outcome. You are dancing with love, compassion and spreading your love to others to make the world a better place! Yay you! Don't stop now!

Left Angel Message

You hold the key to your truth. By opening up the lines of communications in your life you will be unlocking your voice, your chance to be heard and open up the passage way to better understanding of your true self. Truth reveals your inner self to others, being vulnerable at times and sharing your most inner thoughts. There is power in revealing such truths to others for it assists in others understanding of you and themselves as well as creates an inner confidence and reassurance of self.

Right Angel Message

Awaken the connection of oneness with all that surrounds you and with all the you are! You are all that you need to create the life of abundance you have been in search of. Awaken the pureness of your light from within and share with all you come in contact with. Be the light, be the love to others and it will come back to you tenfold.

Have a beautiful week ahead!!

Blessings Always,

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