What are you thinking?

Hello and Happy Day!

Did you every notice that when I do live FB recordings, posts, emails I usually say Happy (whatever day it is?). Did you know that your thoughts pave the way to a great day or a bad day? It's true, think about it. lol but really.

Do you wake up and think, it's going to be a great day? Or are you in pain, see it's raining, stub your toe and think, It's going to be a bad day?

While setting the intentions for not only myself but for you as well I take the glass is half full approach and just know it's going to be a great day. I know I can fill my glass with goodness. For myself and for others. No matter what curve balls the world has to throw at me, I know it will still be great. Why?

  • I'm alive!

  • I'm breathing!

  • I'm blessed! and so are you !!!!

Just try it for a week. Change your thought process. Simply said and easier to implement. Repeat to yourself everyday, throughout the day and see the shift begin to take place.

  • You are in control of your life!

  • You are in control of your thoughts....no matter what anyone else tells you (you don't have to always listen).

  • You control your happiness.

Stop looking for happiness to take place externally. This is only a temporary fix. Look for your happiness inside of you. It's there somewhere and can be brought to the service simply by changing the way you think.

  • Believe it is a great day

  • Believe you are worthy

  • Believe you can be(and are) happy

  • Believe in the strength of your angles to carry you through any crisis and blunder that comes your way.

Here's to a GREAT week DAY......be kind, be compassionate and be the light.

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