Yellow and Blue Make Green

and talking to your angels every day creates a loving feeling like no other. This weeks angel messages were a choice of the colors, not numbers or letters. So what were you most attracted to? The color, the angel or something else? Where our mind goes says a lot about our thought process and our mindset. Did you pick a color because it's your favorite and it's the color you always choose? Did you pick a different color and step out of your comfort zone because you are ready for a change? Sometimes we do things without really thinking about it and not realizing there may just be an underlining meaning why we did make that choice.

When seeking guidance it typically means we are in search of something new and exiting! Something helpful. Sometimes that means we have to make new choices. Step outside of the box. It may be uncomfortable and it may be scary. Why keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect new results? You can easily change your souls path by taking a left instead of right. Going straight ahead instead of two steps back. You've got this!

My angel team has guided me through many new experiences lately, many out of my comfort zone. But guess what? I trusted them, I forged forward and persevered. I feel like a new person because they knew I could handle their callings. I never would have guessed that I would be doing some of the things I am doing today, I am fulfilled, happy and blessed beyond belief and the abundance continues to flow into my life.

This is your angel message this week. No cards, no other tools but straight from my heart with the guidance of my team of angels.

If you are looking for answers and looking for change, then get up and go find it! Charge full speed ahead and go after what you are seeking. Trust me, it's not going to just land in your lap because you asked it to. Ask, believe, receive. Doesn't mean sit on the couch and hope for the best just because you asked. Ask, believe, receive and TAKE CHARGE!

Take charge of your life, take control of the wheel. How we act, how we react all starts with us and ends with us. NO matter what is put in front of you, YOU are the one in control of your life, your journey, your destiny.

Blessings filled with love and light for the week ahead,

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