Total Eclipse of the Heart

With the excitement of the Solar Eclipse Experience about to happen, you don't have to have special glasses or a great view to experience the energy this natural occurrence has to offer. When you think about the power the sun alone contains and then place the natural energetic power of the moon together --- BAM! You have the opportunity of exponential growth. We may be forced into sudden changes, guided to step outside our box, and maybe shifted towards ending or beginning new relationships. You may not understand this shift and it may feel uncomfortable because no matter the experience, it's a change. Many of us do not like change however change is good. It's an opportunity to trust. Trust in the higher power with the chance to grow from within. Deep in the center of your Heart.

The sun represents our focus on our desires, our goals and our self while the moon is representation of harvesting our planted seeds and cleansing our souls. This is a great time to release your worries and fears while focusing on what it is you do want to bring into your life. Think about it,

What have you planted?

What have you put out into the universe?

Where have your thoughts been?

What changes of self, for yourself are you willing to make?

Kindness, love, friendship, compassion, tolerance, positive?

Now is the time, RIGHT NOW to say OK, this stops here or this begins now!

Make changes you've been wanting too. Bask in the glory of the energy being sent through the entire universe at one time! You are strong, you are capable of anything your heart desires!

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