Cosmic Synergy

Many of you may still be feeling the effects of the latest solar eclipse. I know some were feeling it a week or so before it even took place. When you are in tune to your body and understand the oneness that is (we are all one with each other, the earth, the universe and the divine) you will be able to notice the shifts in the world and have a better understanding of you and how this all affects you.

Working together with this type of universal energy when you know it's going to take place can be the perfect recipe for a major uplifting spiritual experience. I knew the approximate time it was going to take place so I decide I wanted to be outside planting my Fall flowers. With my hands in the dirt (part of the earth) what better way to ground myself and feel one with the event. Not only do we as a human feel this shift, the earth and all living things do as well. Since I haven't had much time outdoors this Summer playing in the yard, it felt really amazing to just be out there in the first place. Did I feel an electrical shock, no however I did feel energized! When I was finished with my planting, I decided to sit on the back patio and do a little meditation. I was able to relax right away and really feel the oneness with all my surroundings. I had a nice chat with spirit and was given some very interesting information.

'Take only what you need. If you take in too much your vibrational energy will not allow you to learn all the lessons you need to learn" Are you a victim of this? Trying to learn too much and do too much that you are in a constant state of over load? Think about it. How is this affecting your life? How much good are you doing for you and others? Or better yet how much harm are you doing by trying to be everything to everyone and not to yourself? Of course there is more to my message but I'm saving it for a special mediation that I will be recording soon and sharing with you all! There has got to be a better balance! That is how you can take it all in, be everything to everyone including yourself. Take what we need and more information will come forward when needed. At the right time. Allowing more time for us to be present and enjoy the many special moments life has to offer. We can appreciate more, love more and be more. Creating a better balance and take only what you need. Let your angels guide you to your fulfillment and trust they have your back. This is my overall message for this week ahead. Something for us all to work on!

Angel Messages for this week:

Picking your angel left, right or center for a more in depth message.

Angel on the Left

Cosmic Prosperity : Accept and believe in what is being given to you at this time. Take the energy and do something great with it! The more you give the more you receive and it's a cycle that will continue as long as you nourish it. This is your prosperity, nourishing your self to nourish others around you. By keeping this energizing cycle going you are raising your energy vibration higher allowing you to live lighter and brighter!

Angel on the Right

As above, so below: This card is known as the Heaven and Earth card. This means that whatever exists in Heaven, can and does exist here on earth. It is our perception on how we interact with ourselves and others. Do you have faith? Do you believe? Do you set positive intentions (always)? By raising your energy vibration to a new height you can begin to have one foot in the spiritual world while having one here on earth. Creating a new kind of equilibrium and balance. hmmm I'm sensing another trend in messages.

Center Angel

Creative Explosion: It is time to release and set free what no longer serves a purpose in your souls home. Life experiences that can be put to pasture to free up your energy and let your light shine from the inside out. Whatever you chose to experience is appropriate for your soul balance (there's that word again) and is in perfect timing with you. By allowing your angels to guide you and trusting in their direction you are setting your self up for an explosive transformation!

Have a beautiful Week!

PS_ I am out of town this week and the internet is not the best so I had difficulties downloading the pictures of the cards pulled! But the message is load and clear! Love you all.

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