Speaking your truth

Being truthful is an essential aspect of living a life of passion, fulfillment and authenticity. However this statement can be misconstrued and taken the wrong way. Being Truthful doesn't mean be spiteful or mean. Speaking your truth may not always be the easiest. Somewhere in the midst of living our lives we may have lost our voice. Feeling it difficult to speak up for our beliefs, feelings or needs. The opportunity to be heard. But It doesn't necessarily mean speaking out to others. Especially in a hurtful or negative way. Your opinions can be harmful and not always necessary. When that signal goes off in your head to be mindful of your words listen to it. Be careful with what you say especially to yourself. Understanding your truth, who you really are comes from within. Not everyone has to understand your journey nor do they have to be apart of it. Ask your angels for guidance in being the best person you can be. When it comes to speaking your truth, always come from a place of compassion and love so your voice will be heard.

This weeks angel messages:

Angel Messages (Left Angel) Forgive-

Forgive not so much for the other person but forgive for your soul to move forward without weighing you down, Forgiveness is a tough thing to do whether it's for others or for you! We all make mistakes but being able to move past those mistakes and understand the root of the situation or understand that the situation may not really have anything to do with you is the basis for letting it go. Ask your angels for strength to move past a certain situation in your life that you may be harnessing so that you can feel lighter and make room for goodness and blessings in your heart.

Angel Messages (Right Angel) Mindfulness-

Are you mindful of your thoughts, actions, words? Remember the saying's: Be careful what you wish for? If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all? This pertains to your self talk as well as to other's (even your posts on FB) The power of a word has enormous impact on YOU and on others. Read my blog about how powerful one word can be. https://www.michelleirene.com/.../07/21/The-Power-of-a-Word. This week focus on being compassionate and kind to all human race no matter the situation and you will see a shift take place in the energy that surrounds you.

Angel Messages (Center Angel) karma!

Karma can be good as well as not so good. What you put out there will boomerang right back at you. It's the Law of Attraction and the energy of the universe. You picked the center because believe it or not you like to be the center attention and sometimes you will go to any lengths for that attention. Good, bad or indifferent. It's not a bad thing, but just be careful where you place your energy and make sure it's in a positive way so more goodness will bounce back to you.

Blessings for a beautiful week ahead!

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