A Life of Happy Energy

It's no accident that the world is experiencing such weather changes with devastating effects. We just witnessed a total solar eclipse a few weeks ago which created an immense energy surge throughout the entire universe! We all felt it and we all received many benefits from it.

What many didn't realize is that the world would feel it's effects in other way's at a later date. With the hurricanes , tornadoes, tropical storms, wild fires, and earthquakes happening, some may chalk it up to global warming but my angels told me it was all a natural shift in the entire universe not just the earth.

It's all connected. We are one with each other and one with the the world and one with the universe. When you realize the magnitude of this type of connection you begin to understand more and appreciate more. We can begin to see that we do not have control of universal energy but we do have control over the way we allow this energy to affect us. An ion (an atom, or a molecule, which is energy) can acquire a positive charge or a negative charge depending on whether the number of electrons in an atom is greater or less then the number of protons in the atom. What does this mean for you and the power of a word, a thought or any action? The increase in positive actions in your life will only increase positive experiences in your life. "Energy can not be destroyed, it can only change from one form to another" Einstein. So why not change your attitude to a positive source of energy for a happier outlook? It takes the same energy formation to create good and bad, If you want good then produce good.

Showing gratitude is the easiest way to begin! This is what our soulful readings for the week of Sept 11-17th, 2017. No matter what is happening around you in your life, in your family, friendships, town, state or world, their is always a moment of gratitude towards something. Every little minuscule living moment is a moment of gratitude. Do you understand that? You are breathing. As hard as that may be at moments, you are breathing. As painful as it can be due to your circumstances, you are breathing, you are alive. Celebrate the opportunity, Celebrate the gift. Be thankful, be grateful and be present.

Give gratitude, count your blessings and blessings will be bestowed upon you in return. It's the gratitude cycle and the universes way of paying you back.

It's Soulful Sunday Angel Messages for a soul full week ahead! Chose the Left, right, center angel for your special message from above. For this weeks messages I am using my 'Connecting with Angels' Oracle Cards inspired from Mother Nature. These photos were chosen to assist you with a better connection with the earth, to ground your spirit and enhance your soul. By enhancing your connection with your higher self, your direct link to spirit becomes greater and the better messages you will receive.

Left Angel:

Believe in the power of your angels! They are always hear to guide you, to guard you and to

protect you. Call upon them when needed. Thank them daily for always being there for you. Thank them for the goodness in your life. Thank them for the challenges too, You have a team of angels looking over you at all times. Through all the mountains and valley's of life's experiences you are blessed.

Right Angel:

You have been doing the work to create a difference in your life. You understand the process of showing your gratitude. You practice this and you live this! You are raising your energy vibration to a higher good and realizing your truth. Feel the shift taking place and you move forward in this amazing process of discovery!

Center Angel:

Life has tossed you some difficult times recently. Stay calm and breath. Ask your angels for guidance and strength to help you get through. Their light is shining all around you. Green is the color of healing, purple is the color of spirituality which you are in the midst of some great growth and the blue represents teaching. You are being tested and it is up to you with your attitude and trust on whether you will pass the test. Now is a great time to begin meditating and sit with spirit for comfort and to gain direction.

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