Sending Love

If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. WOW, that is hard to do sometimes, When placed in a situation when someone feels they are right, all the time, no matter what, you know that's just a battle you will never win. WWAD (what would your angels do?) Persevere, stand your ground in a kind and loving way and let them speak their truth while your angels keep you close to protect you.

Difference of opinions are good but you have to hear both sides or it's not a level playing field. Conversation should be at a level of respect for one another but when it's not you may have to agree to disagree. At the agreement may only be one sided. This can happen when the other party sees it only their way and no matter how much they say your voice counts, you know it doesn't, to them. You know that no matter what you say, you will not be heard and you will not be understood. And not in all situations can you just walk away. Unfortunately it is not always that easy. Protecting yourself with the love of your angels will help you get through these difficult situations and sending love in the other direction will only make you stronger. Whether it's at work, during play or even in a family situation guidance from your angels will get you through. They will give you strength, they will give you compassion and they will protect you from hurt. There is a lesson during these occurrences and it is up to you to find it, surrender to it and then give it to your angels to take it away.

If we are feeling bad, sad and low, it's because we are holding onto the low vibration of the negative energy field created from the situation and our ego. This is not you. Not your true self, not your higher self! The ego steps in as a coping mechanism to mask and defend. I say let the ego go ! So you have to ask yourself do I want to fight or hold onto my angels wings and fly?

Life happens and it can be tough no doubt. We will experience good times and bad. Have patience and send love to those with a troubled heart. Learn and don't allow negative forces to bring us down. The journey is only understood by self and we all evolve at our own pace. It's not a race to the finish line. So take your time to learn, understand and grow.

Soulful Sunday Messages for the week of Sept. 18-24, 2017

I always put my message out their before I pick the cards. I let my angels tell me what needs to be heard. Energy in the world is an amazing thing and many feel the same things at the same time. This means you are in sync with the universe. You are on the path of soul purpose and connected. It still amazes me when I pick the cards how well they relate to my initial message and then it takes it one step further. Blessings to all for being a part of my life, my group, my classes. I know I am blessed and embrace it every day.

Angel #1--Michelle Irene Inspiration Cards

When the negative forces hit and sometimes they hit hard . Other times they slowly seep through the seams of our soul, they are there non the less. You feel it. You know it. Don't blame others for the way you feel fix it, heal it, mend it by creating positive changes throughout your day. You will feel the shift of energy take place as you begin to feel lighter and happier.

Angel #2 -- Pulling this card nearly brought me to tears as this was mentioned in the above message. Your angels are here for you and the stronger connection you create with them the more you will feel the beauty of their presence.

Angel #3 -- They make you cry and they make you laugh. Their timing is impeccable and they know just what you need. As a confirmation to me that my message above was on track this may be the lesson you directly need to understand. We may not understand anyone else's reasons or way of living. That's because it's not ours to understand. Always come from a place of compassion and understanding to truly flourish in your journey. That is a large part of the process.

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