Set yourself up for success!

Can you believe the new year is here already? You're probably tired of hearing that already but I just had to say it. But I really would like to know if you have started the new year off in the right direction?

  • Have you begun with a positive mindset?

  • Have you set some realisitc goals for yourself?

  • Have you decided to make this year more about you? (it's not selfish really)

  • Have youcleanse your homne of stagnant, negative energy?

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Every year we set resolutions for ourselves and many of us fall off the trail within the first few days. Usually this means what we have set out to accomplish may just be a bit too difficult. Not realisitc. Why we set ourself up to fail is beyond me because this just brings our energy down. Makes us feel unaccomplished and the sad feelings can spiral down from there if we are not careful.

So here's my idea, revise your resolutions into short term goals. For example: I want to lose 30lbs. this year. Ugh...the thought just well frankly sucks. I'm aready defeated. But if I say, I would like to lose 5lbs this month....OK now that seems more realistic! More attainable, right?

Do yourself a favor---revise your plans for 2018 and make it a great year!

Of course don't forget to ask your angels for guidance because well, that is what they are here to do!

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