Weekly Soulful Angel Messages

Weekly Soulful Angel Messages for the week ahead!

Angel choice left, right or center is how we start. Pick the angel that speaks too your heart! For special messages from your angels above filled with light and love. Angelic messages for heavenly guidance from above !

This weeks special is the angel to the far right for an extra dose of angelic insight!

Blessings Always, Michelle Irene

LEFT ANGEL MESSAGE REVEAL: Compromise to keep good balance. Good balance is essential to a happy lifestyle. It's not always about being right, or being the best. It's about meeting half way. It could be with another, a group or even with yourself. Be open to listening and being objective before you make that final decision.

RIGHT ANGEL MESSAGE REVEAL: What ever direction you take your life is...totally up to YOU! You can take control of any situation by being positive, being proactive or changing your perspective. It's up to you if you choose a life of love which will raise your vibration allowing more good to come your way.

CENTER ANGEL MESSAGE REVEAL: Big happy changes are coming your way if you're ready to accept them. Sometimes when good things come your way you are afraid or leary to accept them. You are worthy of good things, happiness and love. You just have to open your heart and accept it with true blue gratitude.

FAR RIGHT ANGEL BONUS FOR EVERYONE MESSAGE REVEAL -- put this together with your other Angel choice message for more insight. Are you helpful to others or are you the receiver of others help. Which ever your answer switch it up and recharge your soul power. Giving and receiving are equal parts of the gratitude cycle. You have to learn to give as much as you receive with love and thankfulness. Receive does not mean holding out your hand and expecting from others. Receive means when someone helps, compliments, gives you a gift etc...to accept it graciously. If you have been working towards a specific goal your angels are waiting to assist. Just simply ask for guidance.... Love and light to all for a beautiful well ahead.

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