What your angels want you to know

When you feel off kilter you simply are not in alignment with your soul purpose.

So how do you get back on track? Sometimes the answer is so simple it is staring you in the face. Other times it could be because you are experiencing something very difficult in your life. But the answer to the question is simply this....LOVE. When we work in a place of love instead of fear we can conquer all. The greatest love of all is inside of our soul. Sometimes we may have to dig really deep to find that love for self or for another but it's there.

If we are mad, frustrated or inpatient with a child, spouse or friend you are running on a low energy vibration. STOP! Take a moment to reflect: Why are you coming from this place? What is the route cause of this feeling?

Take a deep breath and send some love their way. Understand where they may be coming from. Understand where you may be coming from. Are you frustrated because they are not doing something the way you would? Are you mad because they are not seeing your point of view? Are you inpatient because you do not have the time? Usually these ill feelings come from a place within us. We choose to feel this way. We choose to react this way.

So bring yourself to a place of love and lead with your heart. You will stand taller, feel lighter and move around with a smile on your face. This your primary soul purpose. To be love, send love and feel love.

Blessings filled with love,

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