Weekly Message for March 19th, 2018

Your angels are always near and ready to give you advice, direction and guidance. However they will never give you direct answers. They are your guides and will give you little clues to what may help you get to where you are going next. Every Sunday I ask you to allow your intuition to speak to your heart on my FaceBook Page Never Alone by Michelle Irene by choosing an angel for a special message to assist you through your week. Even though you may only chose one, if you read all three messages they may speak to you on a higher level and give you greater insight on what you can do to live a life of happiness guided by your angels. Here is this weeks message:

ANGEL #1 : take the time to breathe. Isn't necessarily about taking a deep breathe or focus on your breath. While this is a healthy option for sure I feel this card is more about being in the moment and enjoying the true essence of being alive! Every moment we breathe is precious and should be cherished. Live your moments this week in the present mindset and it will be a week to remember.

ANGEL #2 I had an angel card reading class this evening and this card came up two times and this makes three. It's all about racing the hands of time. Stop running against the clock. Trust that what needs to get done will and what doesn't...well tomorrow's another day. Cut the stress by changing your mindset...ex. instead of saying I'm so far behind look at what you DID Accomplish! That puts you further ahead!!! It's all about divine timing in sooo many ways! Love and light..

ANGEL #3 whatever game it is you are playing....well it's not for you. You're playing with your future and that's not ok when you are not coming from a place of truth. It may be time to walk away from a game that cannot be won. An idea, a business, a relationship. It's not a failure but a stepping stone towards a greater purpose! Take charge of your happiness this week!

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