Possibilities with Your Angels

I just got off the phone with a client who has recently opened the door to the possibilities of what can happen when you allow your angels into your life. About six months ago she came to me with the question "How does this all work?" She had watched me give advice to many who would enter my gift shop. This alone allowed her to just open her ear to curiosity, and no it did not kill the cat. Curiosity is the wonder of things we may not understand or want to know more about. It's a good thing. It's the universe saying 'hey you, listen here'. I have learned through the years when the universe says 'hey you' you listen!

I began coaching her privately on how to begin to see the signs your angels are near. The importance of allowing yourself to let get just a bit of the control of our lives. Once see began to see the signs she would call me with excitement of recognizing and see the abundance of more coming through! Of course now that she saw the signs were around her the next question was "Well how do I know what they mean?"

It is not always easy to decipher the meaning no matter what level of learning you are at. There are many ways to begin to decode the message and symbols but the easiest way of learning I have found with my clients are the use of cards. Not your ordinary deck of cards but that is actually how tarot (really not an evil word like many think) cards originated. Oracle cards, angel cards, inspiration cards have become quite popular and are filled with amazing opportunities of clarity and understanding, I have been using cards for years and every time I am amazed at how accurate they ALWAYS are!

I showed her how to use them for daily inspiration as a quick pick me up, This is a great place to start! It's so easy and enlightening. You put the cards in a place in your home where you will see them everyday. You pick one on the way out the door or enjoy your cup of coffee with. You see what the angels have to say for the day and you put them away. You don't ponder the words or the picture. You let it resonate and go on your merry way. Let the angels do the work. They planted the seed now let it grow!

The insight my client has gained as well as the confidence in herself has been beautiful to watch. Like a flower bud about to blossom, I was there to watch her bloom. She is about to embark on a new journey. One she didn't' think she really wanted but now see's the light from within her shining in a new way. She see's the possibilities of what can happen when you allow the door to open just a little.

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