Scent of an Angel

Have you ever noticed an aroma of sorts that reminds you immediately of someone you knew or a familiar odor that makes you stop and think "why is that so familiar?" The scent of a cigarette or cigar, chicken noodle soup, Bengay, perfume, bacon and eggs, paint. It could be anything that has significant meaning to you and brings you back to a moment with a loved one passed. Say hello to who you think may be visiting and you'll be surprised. For me, usually as soon as I identify them they leave. They just stopped in to say "Hi" and want you to know they're with you. Sometimes it's a little bit more.

I remember waking one morning to the aroma of freshly made bacon and eggs, assuming Todd, my husband, was making his breakfast as he got ready for work.

Eventually he made it back to the bedroom where I was still lying in bed for that last few moments of relaxation before starting to get the kids ready for school. “Did you make extra bacon for the kids?”

I asked. His response was something along the lines of what are you talking about? Apparently he did not make bacon and eggs. I was really looking forward to having some bacon after smelling it for the past 30 minutes.

On with the morning--got the kids off to school, got myself ready for work, got in the car and now I smelled bacon and eggs again? I'm thinking to myself, what in the world, shrugged it off and kept driving. I arrived at work, got settled in, sat at my desk and guess what? Yup, I smelled bacon and eggs. “Does anybody else smell bacon and eggs?”I asked all of my co-workers.

The aroma had been following me ever since that morning and I didn't understand it. A few of my co-workers smelled it too. Wow this is pretty powerful. And then it hit me-- Jodgee – that's what we would call my grandfather from my dad's side of the family.

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I remembered a camping trip he took with us when I was younger and he would get up early in the morning and cook up some good ole' fashion home style bacon and eggs. I was sleeping in the camper when the smell awakened me. Smelling it again brought me back to that special moment in time when he was with us on a trip to Lake Wallenpaupack and I related the smell to that moment.

I said “Hello Jodgee, How ya doing? It's nice to have you around. I love and miss you.” and then the scent that had followed me all morning long quickly disappeared.

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