Living the Dream

As my daughter and I arrive in Barcelona, Spain last week, we could feel the energy of a greater force guiding us to our destination. It didn't happen by accident mind you. It happened because of the state of being in which she is now living.

Growing up my daughter Taylor may have appeared as if she had it all. Appearances aren't everything. They are only an illusion of what you perceive it to be. Some may have seen her lifestyle as lucky, her father and I see it as a blessing. We worked hard and nothing was ever handed to us.

My husband Todd and I did not graduate from college for numerous amounts of reasons. Back in the day we had to 'figure out life' on our own. It just wasn't really a topic of discussion. You have to falter and fail to understand and become stronger. My parents were very strong supporters but not with a lot of guidance. At time's life was a struggle.

Todd and I took a different approach to parenting. We decided if we can help our children learn from our 'mistakes' this will help them get further ahead of the 'figuring it all out' stage and help propel them into adulthood with a solid foundation in which to grow. To grow to be the best they can be. To be outstanding citizens in the community. To give of their light to help others see theirs. We were very open about many aspects of life and talked to our children so they could understand, be more compassionate and be kind. Did they stumble and fall? Absolutely!

Throughout high school and college Taylor was bullied by her peers. Many times for making the 'right decisions' or working hard and excelling. Often ridiculed because her father owned his own business with the assumption 'you're rich' (anyone that owns there own business knows this is not necessarily true and that many times sacrifices had to made because of this). People try to bring you down to gain more power within themselves (even tho it's a short lived illusion and not real). Many a days were spent on the couch holding her as she cried because of how mean other people were. Trying to understand how others could be so cruel. Especially those who were once her 'friends'. During college as a student athlete she had shoulder surgery. Her 'teammates' claimed she was faking it. How you fake a surgery is beyond my comprehension but I was there at the hospital. Not the support you would expect from 'teammates'. Just to name a few of the incidences many I would rather not drudge up. I always told her this was part of her journey and God has something great in store for you. These people are seeing the good in you, seeing your light shine. They want a part of it. They see some of you in what they want for themselves.

To some these 'problems' may not seem big but to her they were. As parents we respected that. She persevered through them all coming out stronger on the other side. She understood her college atmosphere was not the most positive place to be. She worked extra hard to graduate a year earlier so she could move forward with her life in a positive way.

During a recreational softball tournament one beautiful summer afternoon. She came through the front door of our home with excitement! I noticed she had my book in her hand "Angels: Guide~Guard~Protect". "Mom this book is really good!" she exclaimed. I was just thrilled that she was reading it! She continued on "I have learned so much about you, me and seeing the signs! I figured out what it is I want do."

With the guidance of her angels to pick up that book at the right time in her life. It all clicked. Divine timing is a blessing which is rightfully yours, if you allow the gifts of your angels to enter your life. At the age of 23 she opened her own business. 'Ever After Binghamton Bridal' She purchased a building (all on her own). Received a loan for inventory and moved forward with her dream. A dream created from her love for gowns and for helping others make one of the best days of their life beautiful. She has done so well in her first year in business that one of the designers she carries in her store invited her and a guest (aka Mom) to come out to Barcelona for the Bridal Market! She never played victim and always was the victor in her growing pains into adulthood. She believed there was a greater force directing her. She believed in the signs her angels were giving her. Most of all she trusted in the highest power of all that she was where she was suppose to be and surrendered to allowing the universe to guide her to her destiny of helping others. People will come in go in your lives but your angles love is forever.

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