It's a Funny

When I was younger my family called the comic strip section 'The Funnies' this is why this story is titled as such. This beautiful angel reminder story is from my book 'Never Alone' as told by Sarah D.

My husband's grandfather passed away years before we met. His grandmother, Evelyn, was one of the sweetest, most loving grandmothers, and our family was blessed to have her in our lives for as long as we did. She passed away at the age of 98 on March 25, 2014.

The following Thanksgiving my husband's mother brought some of grandma's items to our house that she thought we might like to keep. One of these items was a coffee mug that had belonged to my husband's grandpa and that his grandma had packed away and saved.

It was a Peanuts mug and had an image of Snoopy with his dog bowl full of food outside in the snow. It was captioned with "I hate when it snows on my French toast." My husband chose to keep this mug.

The following Sunday after Thanksgiving day my husband and I were relaxing in the morning with the newspaper. He was reading the comics, which are his favorite part of the Sunday paper and he couldn't believe what he saw. The Peanuts cartoon printed in that day's paper was the same one pictured on the mug that had belonged to his grandpa and that his grandma had packed away for safekeeping. It was obvious that even though they weren't with us physically that holiday season, they were making their spiritual presence known with the Snoopy synchronicity. It was a comfort to know they sent us this message and were still with us.

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